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An Ace Performance from MEDITE TRICOYA

  • 24.04.2014

MEDITE TRICOYA has recently been utilised in the restoration of divider boards at Newcastle Golf Driving Range in Northern Ireland - a total of 30 sheets used as the divider between each bunker. The extreme durable MDF panel product was selected for its versatility, high strength and lightweight characteristics, as well as being cost effective for the project.

The Newcastle Golf Driving Range Opened On 3rd August 2011. It is located in Newcastle, Northern Ireland, minutes from the Irish Sea. The golf course extends to a newly built 18 Hole Adventure Golf Course, benefiting from a floodlit driving range with 23 bays.

Specified in a thickness of 18mm, the divider between each bay gives the golfer extra privacy and safety to practice. MEDITE TRICOYA was used to replace the existing plywood, which had come to the end of its life cycle due to extensive weather exposure.

Michael Bennett, from MEDITE commented: “MEDITE TRICOYA is one of the greatest advances in modified wood panel products over the past 30 years and its exceptional performance continues to highlight its potential for almost limitless design applications. Distributed from IJK Timber Group in Northern Ireland, the versatile MDF offers a host of benefits to specifiers, joiners and designers, is the ideal choice for many applications. Selecting MEDITE TRICOYA for this large project enabled Newcastle Golf Driving Range to reduce costs, meet completion times and reduce site wastage.”

MEDITE TRICOYA benefits from the latest advancements in acetylation technology and has been demonstrated to have superior dimensional stability in changing weather conditions, meaning it can be used in situations and applications where normal MDF panels would not be suitable. This results in a more dimensionally stable MDF meaning it won’t swell, shrink or decay – rendering it extremely durable.

“We recommended MEDITE TRICOYA for this project due to its extreme durable characteristics compared to traditional wood based materials. It can be cut, coloured, sanded, glued, machined and fastened as quickly, smoothly and easily as the highest quality standard MDF, offering an ideal material to work with. With a 50 year guarantee, backed by independent BBA testing, we are confident that the MEDITE TRICOYA bunker dividers will last for years to come under the strain of use and the external weather conditions, explains Gareth, Store Manager at John Rodgers Builders Merchant.

For the contractor and end user, MEDITE TRICOYA provides full peace of mind. The panels are manufactured using zero added formaldehyde with full FSC certification and chain of custody accreditation.