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Carving Tricks from SMARTPLY OSB3 at Indoor Skate Park

  • 20.01.2015

Wreckless Indoor Skate Park and Shop

The flexibility and durability of SMARTPLY OSB3 meant that it was the perfect material to help build and fit out a new indoor skate park for the young community of Gorey in County Wexford, Ireland.

The Wreckless indoor skate park and shop, is a 600 square metre facility that provides a communal area for young people and a cultural heart for the town of Gorey. The initiative, launched by founder of Wreckless, Grant Masterson, has created a highly regarded, diverse skating area within a large warehouse that can be used all year round. It also acts as a digital hub, which allows skaters to edit their digital photos or videos, which plays a massive part in the publicity of the sport worldwide.

In total, 120 x sheets of 18mm and 11mm SMARTPLY OSB3 were supplied to the skate park designers, through local builders’ merchant Heiton Buckley, in Gorey. The sheets were used to construct the uprights and substructures for the facility’s mini ramps and quarter pipes. In addition, uncut SMARTPLY OSB boards were laid across joists and rafters to form the deck structures for the transition areas of the park. The equipment was then sheeted in birch ply to form the smooth skating surface.

The 11mm OSB3 sheets were also used to build the structural dividing walls between the skating areas and a new shop selling skateboards, longboards, BMXs, scooters, footwear, and accessories.

The product was chosen for the skate park project as it is made from locally sourced timber from FSC® certified Irish forests, which are owned by SMARTPLY’s parent company, Coillte. The wood panels are manufactured at the company’s mill facility in nearby Waterford.

SMARTPLY OSB3 presented the design team with a fully certified, sustainable product, which is manufactured and tested to EN13986 and approved for use in both structural and non-structural applications. Grant Masterson said: “We worked closely with the skate park builders, Four One Four, during the design stage of our project. We felt it only right to send them a rough idea of what we wanted our skate park to look like but what they sent us back was bigger and better than we could have ever imagined.

The materials list included the use of SMARTPLY OSB3 throughout the park and as it is a strong, versatile board, we thought it was ideal for the task. Since we opened the park in April, we have held a number of competitions and events at the arena and the ramps are holding up brilliantly, even when pitched against some of the best skateboarders in Ireland.”

Brian White, Area Sales Manager for SMARTPLY added: “It’s great to see our locally manufactured products being used in fantastic community projects such as this. It is testament to the durability and flexibility of SMARTPLY OSB3, that it is being used for both structural purposes and for the construction all of the arena’s skate ramps and equipment.