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MEDITE TRICOYA Awarded BBA Assessment

  • 01.06.2012
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BBA Assessment

As from June 2012 the British Board of Agrément has concluded that MEDITE TRICOYA is satisfactory for internal and external use as a non-structural general wood based product.

It is considered that this could form the basis of an assessment leading to the award of an Agrement Certificate after full commercial production is established. BBA Assessment number M2/49109.

Coillte Panel Product’s MEDITE TRICOYA has now received a British Board of Agrément (BBA) assessment. The extremely durable MDF can be specified with confidence.

MEDITE TRICOYA benefits from the latest advancements in acetylation technology, which naturally alters the wood’s chemical structure so that water absorption does not affect it. This results in a more dimensionally stable MDF meaning it won’t swell, shrink or decay – making it extremely durable. It is also incredibly versatile - it can be cut, coated, coloured, sanded, glued, machined and fastened.

This assessment report, which is recognised by building control, government departments, architects, local authorities, specifiers, and industry insurers like the NHBC, confirms that the product is fit for purpose. The BBA's impartial and unbiased information on the performance of the product complements MEDITE TRICOYA’s own technical data.

In order to achieve the assessment, the product successfully passed a comprehensive review of the testing coordinated by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), on-site evaluations and inspections. The manufacturing process was also audited to ensure that a suitable quality management system is in place. Regular monitoring of the manufacture of MEDITE TRICOYA will also take place twice a year by the BBA with a full and comprehensive reassessment every three years.

“Gaining the BBA assessment has really underpinned the high quality and durability characteristics of MEDITE TRICOYA. It’s a great achievement and gives our customers peace of mind that the product will deliver on expectations,” commented Peter Clifton, Product Manager for MEDITE TRICOYA from Coillte Panel Products.