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  • 24.11.2015
MEDITE SMARTPLY logo on blue background

With large shops in England now charging 5p per single-use plastic carrier bag, reusable ‘bags for life’ have become hugely popular and can be made from a wide range of materials – including wood. At Dalton Park Outlet Shopping Centre in County Durham, an oversized shopping bag has been manufactured using MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME to create an extremely durable outdoor display unit for the promotion of seasonal events and competitions.

Appointed to design and build the ‘shopping bag’ unit for client Independent Events Ltd., Davison & Woods required a high performance wood panel to perform whatever the weather. Following the successful use of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME on previous cladding and signage projects, Davison & Woods specified five sheets of the extreme durable panel system for the unusual application. “MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME can easily cope with the elements and it also offers an excellent substrate onto which branding can be added,” explains Les Davison, Design Manager at Davison & Woods. “We used five sheets of 18mm MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME to clad the shopping bag around an Accoya sub-frame.” “After sealing the MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME with a white satin lacquer the vinyl branding was then applied for a stunning finish. This can be easily changed in the future to promote seasonal events and promotions,” added Les Davison. Ideal for use as a façade, cladding or exterior applications, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME panels are manufactured to withstand humidity and varying weather conditions. Due to the proprietary acetylation treatment process used to treat the wood elements, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME has a naturally altered unique chemical structure. This process greatly reduces the ability of the panels to absorb water – creating a stable and extremely durable product with a 50 year guarantee, backed by independent British Board of Agrément (BBA) assessment. Peter Clifton, Product Manager for MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME said: “MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is a high performance and very durable solution for external applications. Due to its enhanced natural resistance to the effects of water absorption, there is also less need for costly maintenance works and the surface will remain attractive and functional for a longer period of time.” As high performance and very durable solutions for external applications, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME and Accoya are ideal for challenging and aggressive environments. With the finished shopping bag located outside, the use of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME and Accoya will ensure a durable and stable structure that will stand the test the time and last longer than a ‘bag for life’.