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MEDITE TRICOYA® Extreme for Life

  • 18.06.2014

The MEDITE TRICOYA® project has secured an EU LIFE grant for the demonstration of an innovative, environmentally friendly technology for the continuous production of durable MDF products.

LIFE is the EU’s funding instrument, dedicated to the support of environmental and nature conservation projects since 1992. Its objective is to contribute to the implementation of EU environmental policy by co-financing pilot or demonstration projects with European added value. To date it has provided support for 3100 projects across the EU (€2.2 billion). The program is overseen by the Environment Directorate-General of the European Commission.

MEDITE Tricoya® Extreme is a highly durable panel product that is revolutionising the way designers, architects, joiners and fabricators approach wood panels and what they use them for. It combines proprietary acetylation technology with MEDITE’s MDF expertise and has been used in several projects across Europe.

It was used to create a dual-purpose cladding solution to the front of the ROC Central Netherlands’ Netherlandscampus in Nieuwegein. Here the cladding doubles as an 11ft high climbing wall for military training and the college students to use, as well as providing weather protection for the building.

The weather proof characteristics of the material were also deployed in the creation of a unique outdoor sculpture at the Vrouw Moeder Kind Centrum, a hospital health-centre for mothers and newborn children in the Netherlands. The six metre high model of a kangaroo was created from MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, which was chosen for its durability, longevity and versatility.

In Limerick, Ireland, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME features on the façade of the award-winning student accommodation at Limerick University. It was selected as the ideal material for fascia panels between the windows, complementing the design’s external blend of brick, steel, timber and glass.

The design versatility of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME has also seen it used in a number of innovative ways in the UK too. A series of interactive light installations along Bournemouth’s sea front were part of the Gardens of Light ‘pop-up’ event. The coastal location and low maintenance features of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME meant it was the ideal material for the project.

The reliable performance of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME in wet and external applications means it is frequently specified for the design and creation of garden products too. A regular feature at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London, the material can be seen in diverse use as planters, trellises, garden buildings and unique architectural garden features.

Tricoya Technologies Limited and MEDITE Europe Limited are executing this project together and are beneficiaries of the LIFE programme.