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MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME Proves the Natural Choice

  • 28.08.2015
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At a high specification and ultra-modern residential project in Newquay, Cornwall, approximately 100m2 of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME has been used in the creation of an aesthetically stunning and water retardant external façade that perfectly complements the beach house’s cedar cladding system.

During the extension and refurbishment of ‘The Moorings’, a private home on the Cornish coast, self-builder David Wring required a highly versatile, workable and water retardant wood cladding system. The high performance and extremely durable MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME was chosen to provide a new extension, existing elevation and perimeter details with an attractive finish and long term weather resistance against the effects of saltwater and UV.

“I came across MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME at a static demonstration of the system at the Building Centre,” explains David Wring. “I wanted a new, innovative and easily workable wood panel system for three separate external applications. With its unique performance properties and outstanding versatility, the MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME panel system proved ideal.”

For the cladding to the extension, 9mm MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME panels were finished with an acrylic weathershield paint system, specified in light grey to harmonise with the cedar cladding whilst also ensuring the panels would not require redecoration for more than 10 years. To complete the specification, 18mm MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME was supplied for cappings and a retaining wall in the landscaped garden.

“Offering exceptional workability and ease of application, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME proved easy to cut, machine and install without any specialist skills,” added David Wring. “You can also do virtually anything with it and the simplicity of the installation can massively enhance the build programme against more traditional specifications.”

Due to the proprietary acetylation treatment process used to treat the wood elements, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME has a naturally altered unique chemical structure. This process greatly reduces the ability of the panels to absorb water, creating a dimensionally stable and extremely durable product with a 50 year guarantee, backed by independent British Board of Agrément (BBA) assessment.

David Wring concludes: “Located just 200 metres from the beach, the Moorings is subjected to a corrosive environment all year round. With enhanced natural resistance to water absorption complemented by a weathershield paint system, it’s amazing to watch how water retardant the MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is. As the rain runs off the surface, it just shows you the panel is doing the job it’s supposed to do.”

External cladding projects call for tough, weather-resistant materials that can stand the test of time. Specified and installed at a variety of applications largely due to its long term performance and cost effectiveness, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME also promotes ease of working, natural beauty, environmental and aesthetic credentials.