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MEDITE TRICOYA Garden Pod to Embrace all Weather

  • 05.11.2013

Abbey Woods, importer and supplier of Hardwood and Softwood timber, recently turned to MEDITE TRICOYA when it undertook a project with Drumlargon Construction to build a stunning garden pod in South County Dublin.
The unusual, bespoke modern building sits in the garden of an eight-bedroom house, built as an outside office and music room. It was constructed with the harsh Irish winter weather in mind, using materials that will last for many years. MEDITE TRICOYA was the chosen wood product for the job.

The high performance, extreme durable MDF was the ideal solution for this particular project. Shane McPartlan from Abbey Woods describes why: “We wanted an 8ft x 4ft timber base panel that would have a minimum 50 year life span. In addition the shell and roof of the building need to provide a watertight envelope. MEDITE TRICOYA was the solution.”

The durability of MEDITE TRICOYA means that it lasts, without the need for spending unnecessary money on maintenance over the years. The location of the garden house calls for robust and heavy-duty materials, as its situation on Killiney Hill, which overlooks Dublin Bay, makes it susceptible to the elements.

MEDITE TRICOYA MDF is produced by MEDITE using acetylation technology that reduces the effect of moisture on the wood. This particular technology is what makes the wood extremely hardwearing and stable.

The technology wasn’t the only deciding factor for the choice of material in this project. For such a hardwearing and innovative MDF panel, MEDITE is also very user friendly. Shane explains this in more detail: “MEDITE TRICOYA was used for this particular job due to the ease of assembly. The boards can be routed and fixed together; the nature of MDF means it is easy to cut and route, it is lightweight and a pleasure to work with..” Therefore by combining durability with easy machining, MEDITE TRICOYA was the only option for this project. As Shane states: “No other timber based product could achieve this.”