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Sign of Excellence

  • 03.12.2013
MEDITE SMARTPLY logo on cyan background

The extreme durable properties of z TRICOYA MDF have been used by Express Signs to create a stunning signage array on the side of Latham Ltd’s warehouse in Topcliffe, West Yorkshire.

Specified by Andrew Wright, Director at Lathams Ltd and Site Director at Lathams’ Leeds facility - a distributor of MEDITE MDF products - the material was chosen for its combined performance and environmental benefits.

Andrew Wright explains: “We’ve been associated with MEDITE MDF products for such a long time, so using MEDITE TRICOYA for this project was an easy decision for us to make. It is a truly innovative wood based panel product, taking timber into different markets and enabling it to compete on a level playing field with composites, plastics, aluminiums and steel; opening up lots of new opportunities to sell timber into construction projects. What’s more, the environmental benefits of MEDITE TRICOYA help maintain timber’s position in the sector, enabling specifiers to make a sustainable choice without compromising on performance.”

The individual 2.4m high letters were fabricated by hand at Express Signs’ Sheffield base, each one in two halves. They were then transported to site in Topcliffe and affixed to the building by Express Signs’ installation team.

Melvyn Wilks, Managing Director of Express Signs Ltd had never used MEDITE TRICOYA before, yet he has been left with a good impression: “We found MEDITE TRICOYA very simple to work with; it cuts very easily whether by hand, with a dimension saw, a balance saw or a jig-saw. It is also simple to plane, sand and paint.”

MEDITE TRICOYA lends itself well to many applications where the consideration is for high moisture environments or even external weather conditions. With a guarantee of 50-years and a BRE expected service life of 60 years, the material does not behave in the same way as other MDFs. Thanks to a unique acetylation process, MEDITE TRICOYA is not susceptible to the effects of moisture, so it remains stable and will not twist or warp in wet conditions.

Peter Clifton, Product Manager for MEDITE TRICOYA at Coillte Panel Products said: “There is nothing else like MEDITE TRICOYA on the market. It combines all the ease and convenience of the MDF everyone is comfortable with, together with outstanding performance that is taking wood based panel products into exciting new areas. What’s more the product is also fully FSC certified and with chain of custody accreditation too, it stands out over other materials when environmental performance is required.”