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Smart Sales Support for ToughPly

  • 21.11.2012
MEDITE SMARTPLY logo on yellow background

Coillte Panel Products is supporting the sale of its new SmartPly OSB panel product, ToughPly, with a suite of material for branch managers.

Timber and builders’ merchant branch managers can select from a range of banners, posters, leaflets, stickers and product displays, all designed to raise awareness among their customers of the wide ranging applications ToughPly is suitable for.

ToughPly OSB is a new fully certified, legal and sustainable OSB3 panel, providing a great alternative board for a variety of general building applications over tropical plywood. Billed as ‘The Board You Can Build With’, SMARTPLY’s suite of marketing tools is all designed to grab the customer’s attention and demonstrate the wide-ranging jobs it is suitable for.

“ToughPly is a double-sided, pre-coated structural OSB3 panel. It is sanded and finished on both sides. The product’s coating allows considerable time saving onsite since it can be painted directly with no further surface preparation,” explains SMARTPLY Product Manager George Watson, “As with all panels in the range, ToughPly is manufactured in accordance with EN 300, which confirms the product’s attention to quality and detail. This allows the panels, which are easy to cut, plane, route and work with, to be nailed as close as 10mm from the edge, with no risk of splintering or failure. The marketing tools we have developed are designed for the merchant to use within the branch, demonstrating the versatility of ToughPly OSB as a general builders’ board.”