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SMARTPLY Provides Safe, Sustainable and Smart Hoarding for City Building Site

  • 31.05.2016
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About The Project

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT has provided an attractive, sustainable and durable hoarding to protect site workers and the general public during building renovation in Central London. A total of 300 sheets of the highly-engineered board were installed around the construction site in Wilton Road, Victoria, to form a hoarding which not only protects the public during building works, but caused minimal disruption due to its speed of installation.

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is a highly engineered and moisture resistant OSB3 pre-primed panel specifically designed to save both time and money in the most demanding hoarding applications. Sub-contractor, Permanex Hoarding, were appointed by client Kier Construction to install a robust hoarding to surround the construction site which stands opposite Victoria train station, one of the busiest rail terminus’ in Europe, and alongside the Apollo Theatre, a celebrated and long-established show venue.

With the area heavily populated by commuters, tourists and shoppers, time was of the essence to construct a hoarding around the 300-metre site being used for the construction of a mixed-use office block. Due to SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT being primed with a smooth, heavy duty, exterior, cross-linked polymer surface treatment, the sub-contractor, Permanex Hoarding, was able to pre-finish the boards to ensure a quick and easy installation which incorporated a public walk-through. Mike Roberts, Director of Permanex Hoarding, commented: “We chose SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT for the hoarding as we needed a board to withstand the worst of the weather for up to two years.

Having used the product on small scale projects in the past, we thought we would try it on a much bigger site. I’m pleased to say SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT has once again proved itself more than up to the task. Being able to pre-paint the boards ahead of installation was a huge time-saver and ensured we completed the project on time.” In total, 300 2440 x 1220 boards were used to erect the Victoria hoarding during overnight shifts to minimise disruption. Due to its quick and easy installation, SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT ensured work was carried out within the client’s six-week deadline and to their complete satisfaction. The hoarding will stand exposed for up to two years, which is the estimated construction time at the site.

As with all SMARTPLY products, SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT comes with unrivalled quality and environmental certification. It is manufactured from a locally-grown sustainable forest resource in an energy efficient process which ensures it has a lower carbon footprint than many types of plywood. SMARTPLY delivers proven performance and extremely low environmental impact. In addition, the system offers a fully certified alternative to softwood plywood and boasts FSC Chain of Custody certification – a key requirement for low carbon construction.

It is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 300 and CE marked in accordance with the harmonised standard EN 13986.