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The Tougher Choice

  • 08.10.2012
MEDITE SMARTPLY logo on red background

Coillte Panel Products has launched SMARTPLY ToughPly - a fully certified, legal and sustainable OSB3 alternative to tropical plywood. The new general builders’ board provides a solution for a variety of applications such as roofing, sheathing and boarding. The product can even be used where a structural solution is required by the building regulations.

ToughPly, which is a double-sided, pre-coated structural OSB3 panel, is sanded and finished on both sides. The product’s coating allows considerable time saving onsite since it can be painted directly with no further surface preparation.

As with all panels in the SMARTPLY range, ToughPly panels are manufactured in accordance with EN 300, which confirms the product’s attention to quality and detail. This allows the panels, which are easy to cut, plane, route and work with, to be nailed as close as 10mm from the edge, with no risk of splintering or failure. SMARTPLY understands the importance of legality and sustainable compliance when it comes to wood products. For builders, merchants and DIY retailers, ToughPly importantly complies with all new legislation for wood-based panel products including forthcoming legislation such as the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR).

The EUTR will mean that, as of March 2013, it will be illegal to buy or sell illegally harvested timber and wood products. It will therefore be paramount that products have full documentation, in the form of a paper trail, to prove where the timber was sourced from originally, providing a history that traces the timber all the way from its harvesting, through the production and handling process, to reaching the merchant branch. This documentation will need to carry not only the FSC stamp, but also an FSC Chain of Custody number, which should be kept by the contractor to show to the end client to reassure them of the legality and sustainability of the timber. Non-compliance of the EUTR is likely to carry heavy penalties such as product being seized and the business’s right to trade suspended.

As with all SMARTPLY panels, the timber used in the manufacture of ToughPly is sourced from the company’s own FSC-certified forests with fully audited chain of custody. This gives merchants, DIY retailers and builders the reassurance that the product will provide a fully documented and reliable specification alternative to tropical plywood products in structural applications. As such, ToughPly meets the requirements of the EUTR.

In structural applications, ToughPly also fulfils all the legal requirements where the building regulations call for materials to be tested for durability, strength and loading in structural applications. It is also fully tested in accordance with EN 13986 and bears the CE mark to verify this.

“ToughPly is a great example of how we continually innovate to meet our customers needs,” said George Watson, SMARTPLY Sales Manager. “Offering this cost-effective alternative to tropical plywood, which meets the needs of both current and future regulations, ensures that our customers have maximum choice,” he continued.