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SMARTPLY MAX FR B are manufactured with the FR chemical added to the wood strands at the same time as the resin during the manufacturing process, thereby locking the fire performance into the panel as a permanent feature throughout the panel. The reaction to fire class B,s2,d0 is certified by an independent notified body following a processing audit and tests in accordance to EN 13501-1.

As SMARTPLY MAX FR B panels are treated during manufacturing the totality of the panel is treated and so the panel will not need to be re-treated after cutting or sanding.

No. The 30- or 60-minutes fire rating relates to the fire resistance of construction systems such as walls, floors, roofs or partitions. SMARTPLY MAX FR B panels can be included in such systems that can be tested to achieve 30- or 60-minutes fire resistance . SMARTPLY MAX FR B panels are classed as flame retardant panels and achieve a reaction to fire class B-s2, d0

SMARTPLY MAX FR B panels can be identified by their dark brown colour compared to the lighter coloured standard OSB panels. This colour is due to the slower speed of manufacture meaning that the panels are exposed to high temperature for longer resulting in a darker coloured OSB.

Class 1 is the Surface Spread of Flame test class in accordance to the British Standard BS 476 part 7, and Class 0 is a Class 1 product that also passes BS 476 part 6: Fire Propagation Test. In the UK, The Building Regulations use the European classification system for reaction to fire set out in EN 13501-1 and provide transposition to national (UK) classes. SMARTPLY MAX FR B have not been classified to BS 476, only to EN 13501-1.

SMARTPLY MAX FR B panels are OSB/3 type panels as per the requirements of EN 300, and so are suitable for use in Service Class 2 conditions. This means that is can be used in environment where the relative humidity can be > 85% at 20°C for a few times a year.

SMARTPLY MAX FR B panel can be painted or lacquered as any other OSB panels. However, it is important to note that the FR Class of the panel has been achieved without any surface treatment and that a surface treatment can influence the reaction to fire class of the panel.