• FSC® Certified Timber
  • Flame Retardancy Built-In
  • Easy To Cut And Install
  • High Racking Strength
  • Zero Added Formaldehyde
  • CE Certification
  • 100% Wood Based
  • Sustainable

SMARTPLY MAX FR is a structural, moisture resistant OSB3 panel with reliable reaction to fire properties. Ideal for use where strength, moisture resistance and Euroclass C or Euroclass B* flame retardance are paramount, the OSB3 panel complies with the European reaction to fire class C-s2,d0; and BFL-s1.

SMARTPLY MAX FR offers the same quality and structural strength as all OSB3 manufactured by SMARTPLY in accordance with the requirements of European Standards EN 300 and EN 13986.

Product Description

Added during panel production, Zeroignition® Solution – a water-based and eco-friendly fire retardant penetrates the wood strands to ensure comprehensive and reliable fire performance whilst fully maintaining structural integrity.

SMARTPLY MAX FR is suitable for a wide variety of applications where a predictable reaction to fire class is the highest priority as required by Building Regulations or health & safety legislation.


SMARTPLY MAX FR is a flame retardant structural OSB3 panel with European reaction to fire class C-s2,d0 and BFL –s1 performance. The panel also complies with the FR/FR Build performance requirements in accordance with STA’s (Structural Timber Association) “Design guide to separating distances during construction” for timber frame buildings above 600m² total floor area.

Zeroignition Solution, a water based, eco-friendly, fire retardant is added during panel processing, ensuring fire performance whilst maintaining structural integrity. The addition of the ZI flame retardant during the manufacturing process ensures that the OSB3 panel quality is maintained to EN300 unlike post treatment fire retardant technologies which can have a destructive effect on the mechanical or physical properties of a panel.

SMARTPLY MAX FR panels are CE marked at the source of manufacture.

Panel Sizes and Thickness

Panel Size Thickness
2397 x 1197mm 15mm
2440 x 1220mm 15mm
2397 x 1200mm 15mm
2397 x 1197mm 18mm
2440 x 1220mm 18mm
2397 x 1200mm 18mm