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Double the Impact at this Year's Timber Expo

  • 09.08.2012

Timber Expo

SMARTPLY and MEDITE, which are part of Coillte Panel Products (CPP), will be exhibiting across two stands at this year’s Timber Expo, which takes place at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on the 25th and 26th September. At stand G1, the Enterprise Ireland stand, the MEDITE and SMARTPLY brands will be showcased. At stand D4, MEDITE TRICOYA, an innovation in extreme durable MDF, will be on show.

SMARTPLY OSB is an incredibly strong and versatile panel; it is manufactured precisely with compressed engineered strands of wood with resins at high temperature. The resulting product, which is environmentally sustainable, is ideal for both structural and non-structural building applications. Trade professionals, joiners and timber engineers can select from SMARTPLY OSB3, SMARTPLY OSB2 and SMARTPLY SiteProtect, depending on the application in hand for example flooring, roofing, wall sheathings, site hoardings and other general building uses.

SMARTPLY OSB3 is extremely versatile; an ideal solution for use in humid conditions. Its diversity includes both interior and exterior applications such as roofing, flooring, hoarding and wall sheathing. Furthermore it provides a fully certified alternative to structural softwood plywood. It is both strong and cost-effective, manufactured with zero added formaldehyde.

SMARTPLY OSB2 is a versatile, strong and cost-effective OSB, which is manufactured to EN 300. OSB2 is the ideal choice for general non-structural building purposes and structural applications in dry conditions such as general hoarding and boarding, signboards, packaging, furniture, pallet-tops, temporary formwork and garden sheds.

The coated site-hoarding panel, SiteProtect, is designed to save both time and money. The product offers the same performance characteristics as SMARTPLY OSB3, with the advantage of a smooth heavy-duty exterior cross-linked polymer surface treatment. CPP has developed SiteProtect specifically for use in a wide range of applications including temporary site hoarding and security installations. Its smooth surface means it is ideal for painting, to carry corporate colours, signage or advertising.

MEDITE, the leader in MDF, boasts a comprehensive selection of quality products ensuring that, whatever the application, there is an MDF solution to meet requirements. In addition, the brand’s newest product, MEDITE TRICOYA, will have its own stand – stand D4.

MEDITE TRICOYA is an extremely durable MDF. As one of the one of the greatest advances in board products over the past 30 years, MEDITE TRICOYA can be used virtually anywhere. Visitors to Timber Expo can expect an impactful waterfall within the exhibition, demonstrating the moisture-resistant benefits of MEDITE TRICOYA.

In addition the product has been tested by the BRE, to EN350-2 of 1, or ‘very durable’; this is the equivalent to teak and more durable than oak. BRE also tested the creep and duration performance as well as its resistance to weathering. MEDITE TRICOYA’s exceptional performance is backed by its 50-year guarantee, giving customers even more peace of mind.