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MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is Ideal for Innovative Homes

  • 16.03.2015
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MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME has been utilised in two innovative housing designs, which will be exhibited at The Ideal Home Show from the 20th March to 6th April at the Olympia in London.

The houses are clad with SAM Trimax cladding products, which are manufactured using the MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME material. The use of the durable, acetylated wood panel in the cladding applications ensures the end products are both aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally durable, maintaining integrity of the external envelope, in even the most extreme weather.

The first of the homes, The Gap House has been designed to demonstrate how small areas can be facilitated in urban environments and how unique, innovative designs can incorporate space savings ideas. In a bid to try and alleviate the housing shortage, The Gap house, at only three metres wide, is intended to fit into the gap between existing buildings. MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is used to produce high performance SAM Trimax, which clads the house to ensure that all exterior facing materials are kept protected from the elements. Additionally, the product requires low maintenance, which means constant upkeep of the material in awkward, hard to reach places is not necessary.

The award-winning Gap House will feature at the Ideal Home Show alongside another innovative design - The Future Proof Home, which also incorporates MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME for the external cladding from SAM. With an increasing demand for energy saving and thermally efficient buildings in the UK, The Future Proof Home, built by UK developers, Esh Group and Swedish company Trivselhus, uses well-established energy saving initiatives and materials that help give it an ‘A’ rating and help keep the energy bills to a minimum. The SAM Trimax cladding is ideal for external use as the MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME core material has a 50 year guarantee and also helps to contribute to the thermal efficiency of the building through the inherent thermal characteristics of the wood panel.

Michael Cunningham, SAM Trimax Category Manager said: “MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is used exclusively throughout our wide range of SAM Trimax products, as a wood based panel it is high in strength, while being light weight, extremely easy to machine and dimensionally stable. We are really happy to be part of these innovative houses that will hopefully help contribute towards the UK housing market in a positive way.”