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New SMARTPLY FR OSB3 is a EuroClass Apart

  • 29.09.2015
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SMARTPLY FR (Flame Retardant) OSB3

Leading manufacturer of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) SMARTPLY has introduced the innovative, new SMARTPLY FR (Flame Retardant) OSB3 to deliver predictable fire performance backed by independent verification for projects where Euroclass Reaction to Fire compliance is paramount.

Introduced in 2000, Euroclass is the harmonised European classification standard for the Reaction to Fire of building materials manufactured and sold in the EU. With fire prevention a crucial consideration both on and off site, SMARTPLY FR OSB3 has been developed to meet a growing market need for flame retardant OSB that achieves Euroclass C-s2,d0 for wall, ceiling, roofing and free standing applications and Euroclass BFL-s1 for flooring applications. Manufactured using Zeroignition® Solution – a water-based, eco-friendly, fire retardant – SMARTPLY FR OSB3 has flame retardance built into every panel. Added during the manufacturing process, the solution penetrates into the wood strands to ensure best in class fire performance and enables SMARTPLY FR OSB3 to be CE marked at the point of manufacture. Unlike many post treatment fire retardant technologies which can have a destructive effect on the mechanical or physical properties of a panel, the addition of Zeroignition during the manufacturing process ensures that the SMARTPLY FR OSB panels have the same quality and structural strength as all OSB3 manufactured by SMARTPLY to the rigorous performance requirements of European Standard EN300. “Some Plywood and OSB is post-treated and used in structural applications with no CE Mark applied after treatment which is in breach of the Construction Products Regulation and EU law”, explains David Murray, Innovation Manager, Coillte Panel Products. “The professional and legal consequences of specifying and using the right product for the job cannot be over emphasised. It is the specifier’s responsibility to ensure the chosen product meets all relevant regulations,” he adds. “Each SMARTPLY FR OSB panel leaves the factory fully certified and fully validated by third party independent notified bodies and with the relevant fire classification and declaration of performance.” With the increased use of OSB in construction and roofing projects across the European Union, SMARTPLY FR OSB3 presents the specifier and contractor with a high performance, flame retardant solution that can be widely used for flooring, roof decking and wall sheathing applications in both new build and renovation projects.