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Nothing but the Toughest

  • 24.04.2014
MEDITE SMARTPLY logo on pink background

SMARTPLY ToughPly OSB3 is the only wood-based panel product that builders, joiners and DIYers are likely to need. Structurally certified with a double-sided finish, it rivals plywood and other panels for versatility, saving time and delivering cost effectiveness onsite.

Used for general building projects, wall sheathing, roof decking and floors, as well as hoarding applications, ToughPly is an OSB3 panel that is pre-coated for both durability and aesthetic benefits. It is manufactured in accordance with EN300 and is fully FSC certified.

In fact, because SMARTPLY manufactures ToughPly from certified wood sourced from its parent company’s own forests, it is both environmentally sound and sustainable. It rivals tropical and uncertified plywoods, not only because it is fully compliant but also because it offers a superior level of performance.

SMARTPLY ToughPly OSB3 is strong and durable – it is tested for structural performance under EN13986 – so it can be used reliably in construction applications. The panels are CE marked demonstrating compliance with the Construction Products Regulation. Its double-sided coating means it is also more robust against the effects of moisture than plywood, which can delaminate in exterior or damp conditions. The inherent strength of OSB also means installation is fast and simple – panels can be fixed at any point without failure, thanks to the consistency of their construction without knots or core voids.

Once installed, ToughPly can be painted directly. No further surface preparation is needed: no filling, no sanding, no priming. Instead the tradesman can simply install and paint.

George Watson, SMARTPLY product manager from Coillte Panel Products, comments: “SMARTPLY ToughPly is the versatile wood-based panel that should be first choice for any professional tradesman. There is no need to purchase many different panels, when this one solution meets all requirements.”