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Always be Prepared with MEDITE TRICOYA

  • 28.04.2014

MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME durable MDF has been used in the reconstruction of the Scout hall on Wood Street, Walthamstow. MEDITE TRICOYA was selected as the ideal material for simplifying and unifying the building’s fascia. Selected and installed by Klassnik Corporation, the building’s façade required a material with very hardwearing and low maintenance weather resistant characteristics. MEDITE TRICOYA MDF provided a cost effective, low maintenance solution.

The 14th Group Scout Hall, a part of the Wood Street Project in Walthamstow, is one of many public projects that seeks to enhance the character of Wood Street: restoring heritage buildings, providing new planting, signage, street furniture and shop frontages. Funded by London Borough of Waltham Forest and the Mayor’s Outer London, the renovation program aims to increase the vibrancy and growth of high street places across London.

Installed over the existing garage structure, MEDITE TRICOYA panels were used to create a smart white façade, forming the base for paint stencilled and vinyl signage. The panels were also transformed into large fascias and installed in patterns derived from the Scout logo. This Fleur de Lys and triangular motif, also found in the scouting uniform and distinctive scarf, provides a smart external façade decoration. The refurbished building now presents a trustworthy welcome to the Scout hall.

“We required a panel that would stand the test of time in an external application, potentially in harsh weather conditions,” explained Tomas Klassnik, Architect at Klassnik Corporation, “We had a precise geometric design for the façade which we needed to produce onsite, to fit over the existing structure. MEDITE TRICOYA was chosen because it is relatively lightweight, can be machined on site and provides a smooth finish for painting. The 50 year guarantee gives us reassurance that the new façade will last for many years to come.” The dimensionally stable, FSC certified MEDITE TRICOYA MDF, benefits from the latest advancements in acetylation technology. This naturally alters the wood’s chemical structure so that it is not affected by water absorption. The resulting MDF panels are very durable, dimensionally stable and will not warp or twist when used in external projects.

The panel product has been tested by the BRE and concluded that MEDITE TRICOYA would carry durability class EN350-2 of 1, or ‘very durable’. This is the equivalent durability demonstrated by rare tropical hardwoods, such as teak. It is even more durable than aged oak. It means that, for projects where a wood solution is an attractive option – because of its environmental credentials – there is a cost effective and versatile alternative.

MEDITE TRICOYA Product Manager, Peter Clifton from Coillte Panel Products adds: “While MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME durable MDF offers viable alternative to more expensive solid wood materials, it also provides a great substitute for other less environmental materials too.”