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BRE Announces Revolutionary New Sustainable Panel Product That Could Meet Service Life Demands of 60 Years

  • 01.03.2011
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Coillte undertake commercial feasibility of MEDITE TRICOYA. BRE testing reveals exciting capabilities of this "New Class of Material'.

Ecobuild 2011: Dr Ed Suttie, Director of the Timber Division at BRE (Building Research Establishment), today gave a speech presenting BRE test and evaluation results which conclude that MEDITE TRICOYA, a ground-breaking new composite panel product from Accsys Technologies and Coillte Panel Products, could meet demands for a desired service life of 60 years when used in exterior applications. Dr Suttie’s speech was preceded by Gerry Britchfield, MD of Coillte Panel Products, who updated the audience on recent product developments and outlined future plans for MEDITE TRICOYA.

BRE tests confirm MEDITE TRICOYA as a homogenous, dimensionally stable, biologically durable and easy-to-machine composite wood product which, through long service life and extended maintenance, could present a significant sustainability advantage over existing materials.

Gerry Britchfield commented, “MEDITE TRICOYA has very strong environmental credentials, based on a combination of Coillte’s FSC certified wood and the non-toxic, recycling-friendly nature of the TRICOYA process. It also combines the traditional superb machinability and smoothness properties which are expected of MEDITE MDF with sharply enhanced performance characteristics delivered by the TRICOYA process - particularly with regard to durability and stability in wet environments.”

Dr Suttie said, “MEDITE TRICOYA presents a unique proposition… In my view, this is an extremely exciting and significant development for the industry and one that presents a new class of material which has great opportunity to capture new markets, and regain old, from non-wood based competitors as well as substitution of old products.”

Dr Suttie, highly experienced in the field of wood modification technologies, has worked for many years on acetic anhydride modification of solid wood. Speaking at the Accsys Technologies stand, he highlighted that one of the chief challenges for the industry has been to create a uniform product for both manufacturers and end-users. MEDITE TRICOYA achieves on both accounts and delivers a uniform and reliable substrate with a “new degree of reliability in exterior and wet interior applications with excellent design freedom opportunities.”

MEDITE TRICOYA marks one of the first true innovations in the wood composites industry in more than 30 years.