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MEDITE and SMARTPLY Takes a Stand at this Year's Timber Expo

  • 26.07.2013
MEDITE SMARTPLY logo on yellow background

Timber Expo

On the 24th and 25th September SMARTPLY and MEDITE will be exhibiting at this year’s Timber Expo.

Held at the NEC Birmingham, will showcase each brand across stand D1, providing a platform for its extensive range of MEDITE MDF and SMARTPLY OSB and these products’ connection to thousands of hectares of company-owned forestry.

ToughPly is the newest panel product from SMARTPLY, boasting a fully certified, legal and sustainable OSB alternative to tropical plywood. The highly engineered and enhanced moisture resistant double-sided, pre-coated structural OSB3 panel is ideal for a variety of general-purpose applications.

SMARTPLY OSB3 is a strong, versatile board uitable for structural use in humid conditions, ideal for applications as diverse as roofing, flooring, hoarding and wall sheathing. Furthermore the panel benefits from strength and cost efficiency whilst manufactured in accordance with EN 300 and has zero added formaldehyde. SMARTPLY also offers OSB2 for structural applications in dry conditions. It can be utilised in general hoarding and boarding, signboards, packaging, furniture, pallet-tops, temporary formwork and garden sheds.

SMARTPLY SiteProtect is a coated site-hoarding panel, designed to save time and money. The SMARTPLY OSB3 substrate is coated with a smooth heavy-duty exterior cross-linked polymer surface. Developed specifically for use in a breadth of applications, from temporary site hoarding through to a range of security installations, SiteProtect is ideal for painting too.

MEDITE MDF products meet the diverse needs of users, specifiers and designers across Europe and beyond. At stand D1 visitors to the show can find the extensive range including nine different families of MDF products and many variants, with over 400 possible specifications, including enhanced dimensional stability and durability and decay resistance hold true for the award-winning MEDITE TRICOYA. This extreme durable panel product is made using a high performance resin which also has zero added formaldehyde, ensuring the panel not only exceeds EU E1 but as like all MEDITE products, is also CARB2 compliant.

MEDITE Trade MDF is MEDITE’s newest general purpose MDF board, is suitable for most onsite applications. This panel product benefits from easier handling, lower transport costs and reduced tool wear, making it perfect for general, all purpose projects.