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MEDITE Sails in Superyacht ‘Pocket Spa’ Design Success

  • 13.01.2013

MEDITE TRICOYA and MEDITE FR (Flame Retardant) MDF panels have recently been utilised in the construction of the winning entry submitted by design student Ms Maja Vujec for the Awlgrip Challenge.

Students were invited to design an interior element for Superyachts. Ms Vujec designed a ‘Pocket Spa’ where owner’s and guests could be cossetted while on board, winning a cheque for £5000. Trimline Superyacht Interiors built a half scale model of the Spa using sustainable MDF panel products, which was coated by Awlgrip in their exciting new ‘Suede’ finish and ‘Soft Touch’ interior paint. The AWLGRIP Challenge, an innovative competition held by Awlgrip, a supplier of topside and interior finishing systems, announced the winning design at the Monaco Yacht Show and unveiled the Spa at the Global Superyacht Forum (GSF) organised by Yacht Report in Amsterdam alongside METS, the Marine Equipment Trade Show. Having already utilised MEDITE FR for the refit of six Royal Fleet Auxiliaries for the MOD, Trimline was more than familiar with the host of benefits the flame retardant MDF panel provides. MEDITE FR, which carries the Wheelmark Certificate, a European regulatory marking of marine equipment, provides installers with a certified fitting out product for marine craft.

MEDITE FR Euro Class B is a panel available specifically for use in situations where a flame retardant board is required under strict fire safety legislation. The high performance panel, which is distinguishable from other MEDITE MDF products by its pink identification colour, is certified for 30 minutes fire resistance of symmetrical non-load bearing partitions under BS476 part 22.

MEDITE TRICOYA was particularly relevant for the wet areas of the Spa due to its durability, longevity and weather resistant characteristics. MEDITE TRICOYA is an extreme durable MDF panel, offering a host of benefits compared to traditional MDF – primarily its excellent performance in wet conditions. It provides a sustainable FSC certified MDF panel, that is assessed by the BBA for its suitability in outdoor applications and significantly wet environments.

“MEDITE TRICOYA and MEDITE FR both offered extensive benefits for the construction of the winning design, explains Nigel Spooner from Trimline. “Having previously worked with MEDITE FR, we were more than familiar with the ease of installation of the high performance panel. With adherence to Class becoming essential, we bring our extensive cruise ship experience with fire retardant materials such as MEDITE FR to meet regulations give us peace of mind.”

Malcolm Cowley, MEDITE Sales Manager, commented: “We are always keen to encourage students still at University, or those who have just finished education. The AWLGRIP Challenge, which provides interior designers of the future with a chance to show how innovative design can utilise new materials, offers young people a great platform and beginnings of a career. MEDITE FR, which carries the Wheelmark Certificate, provides a certified and approved choice for installers in marine craft throughout the world. The opportunity of supporting design students was a logical decision for us particularly following the launch of MEDITE TRICOYA, our revolutionary fully exterior and durable MDF earlier this year. Having been utilised by Trimline in the construction of this Pocket Spa, it seems the potential applications for both MEDITE TRICOYA and MEDITE FR continue to expand.” MEDITE will continue its pioneering work to support and provide building solutions for the marine industry.