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Production of Ground-Breaking MEDITE TRICOTA Underway

  • 15.08.2011
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Coillte Panel Product and Accsys Technologies have announced that the production of ground-breaking MEDITE TRICOYA®, the world's first ultra-high performance medium density fibreboard (MDF), is underway, and is expected to enter the market in the coming months.

Following the signing of a joint development agreement in June 2009 and significant research and development, Accsys Technologies will supply proprietary acetylated material to MEDITE Europe Ltd. for the production of MEDITE TRICOYA®.

MEDITE TRICOYA®, lauded as the first major innovation in the wood composites industry in more than 30 years, uses the proprietary acetylation processes to produce a dimensionally stable and biologically durable MDF. BRE tests confirm that, this ground-breaking new wood composite panel product has an expected service life of 60 years when used in exterior applications. Such a service life represents a significant sustainability advantage over existing materials, particularly given its durability and dimensional stability in wet environments.

Under the terms of the agreement announced this week, Accsys will provide MEDITE with acetylated material over the next 17 months from their plant in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The acetylated material will be transferred to MEDITE's panel production facility in Clonmel, Ireland, where it will be processed to produce MEDITE TRICOYA® and the product will be distributed and sold by MEDITE in the UK, RoI and the Netherlands.

Gerry Britchfield, managing director of Coillte Panel Products said, “MEDITE Europe prides itself on being a leading innovator and pioneer in the panel products industry. Accsys Technologies PLC is an ideal partner with whom we are working closely. MEDITE TRICOYA® will combine the traditional superb machinability and smoothness properties which are expected of MEDITE MDF with sharply enhanced performance characteristics delivered by the TRICOYA process.. This new product will be the world's most durable MDF product.”

Commenting on the agreement and imminent launch of the product, Paul Clegg, CEO of Accsys, said, “This agreement represents a significant strengthening of the relationship between our two companies and is an important milestone in the on-going development of TRICOYA®. By supplying acetylated material to MEDITE for processing we have been able to bring TRICOYA® to the market two years earlier than had been expected.”