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Strength and Durability for Tiny Measures

  • 12.10.2012

MEDITE TRICOYA, an extremely durable MDF, is now being utilised in the creation of luxury children’s playhomes.

Designed and built by Tiny Town Playhomes, the small houses require a material that is long lasting and easy to use; MEDITE TRICOYA meets these exacting needs.

Tiny Town Playhomes was launched in the spring of 2011 and the company now creates over 10 different models with many more in the design phase. The playhouses are built using 3D modelling software. The ‘mini’ homes require a level of structural stability and durability, plus a high quality finish - and MEDITE TRICOYA was able to meet these needs.

The product benefits from the latest advancements in acetylation technology, which naturally alters the wood’s chemical structure so that water absorption does not affect it. This results in a more dimensionally stable MDF meaning it won’t swell, shrink or decay – making it extremely durable. It is also incredibly versatile - it can be cut, coated, coloured, sanded, glued, machined and fastened.

“MEDITE TRICOYA was launched just when we needed it,” commented Kevin Cox of Tiny Town Playhomes. “Many of our designs incorporate arched or irregular shaped windows. For this, full boards are required for the siding. MEDITE TRICOYA meets this need while being lighter and stronger making it extremely easy to work with. We also have no wastage since all offcuts are used for trim such as shutters and window surrounds” continued Kevin.

Tiny Town Playhomes spends a significant amount of time designing and producing each of the homes so longevity is key. Kevin said, “MEDITE TRICOYA gives us peace of mind that our creations will last for many years to come. In addition, we don’t have to spend time preparing the product for protection against the elements. Overall MEDITE TRICOYA is a very efficient product.”