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Teknos First to Offer 12 Year Coating Warranty for MEDITE TRICOYA

  • 01.05.2012
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The first official long term warranty for a coating applied to MEDITE TRICOYA is being offered by Teknos, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of industrial wood coatings. The warranty is for up to 12 years on their coating systems.

MEDITE TRICOYA product manager Peter Clifton said, “Many coating companies are carrying out trials with our new Extreme Durable MDF, but Teknos is the first to issue an industry leading warranty for up to 12 years. They got to understand the product’s unique performance characteristics and Teknos’s warranty really demonstrates confidence in our product.”

Teknos now offer an extended coating warranty on exterior joinery and cladding manufactured from MEDITE TRICOYA and fully factory finished with Teknos approved systems. Warranties of up to 12 years on opaque finishes are available, subject to exposure conditions. The warranties, available on exterior joinery, roof line products, panels and cladding manufactured from MEDITE TRICOYA, cover embrittlement, flaking or cracking of the coating system resulting from a coating manufacturing fault.

Exterior joinery, manufactured from MEDITE TRICOYA and fully protected by Teknos coating systems, would be expected to give a minimum service life of 60 years. The unique properties of MEDITE TRICOYA, in conjunction with best design practice, allow regular maintenance periods to be extended.

Typical maintenance cycles for different design and climatic conditions:

Mild exposureSevere exposure
12 years9 years
12 years7 years
10 years6 years

FSC certified MEDITE TRICOYA was featured in the April 2012 issue of Grand Design Magazine as Kevin McCloud’s “Eco Find of the Month”, saying that MEDITE TRICOYA “is set to take the construction industry by storm”.

MEDITE TRICOYA Extreme Durable MDF - the next generation of panel product with a 60 year service life by BRE for exterior and interior wet applications - is changing the industry.