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MEDITE TRICOYA "To Take Construction by Storm" says Kevin McCloud

  • 05.03.2020
MEDITE SMARTPLY logo on cyan background

Kevin's Eco Find of the Month.

When Coillte, Ireland's largest forestry and forest products company, hosted an event in February at Dublin's Aviva Stadium to celebrate 10 years of independent FSC certification, the writer, designer and television presenter best known for Channel 4's Grand Designs Kevin McCloud was Master of Ceremonies and keynote speaker.

The experience of sharing in Coillte's celebration seems to have stayed with him, as the April 2012 edition of Grand Designs Magazine features the new Extreme Durable MEDITE TRICOYA MDF as ‘Kevin's Eco Find of the Month'. Kevin comments:

“I've just spent two days with the Irish Forestry Commission, now known as Coillte (, which in Irish means forests. Coillte sustainably manages huge areas of Ireland; 20 per cent of its land is managed for biodiversity and 50 per cent of its production comes to the UK, fully FSC certified with a chain of custody. One Coillte product that is set to take construction by storm is MEDITE TRICOYA (, an acetylised MDF that is fully weatherproof and can be used externally for cladding, doors, and a host of other applications. Does it require synthetic inputs? Is it impregnated with gallons of petrochemical resins? Not really. Like all good conkers, it's made with vinegar.”

Peter Clifton, MEDITE TRICOYA product manager, shares Kevin's understanding of MEDITE TRICOYA's appeal and potential: “MEDITE TRICOYA heralds a revolution in wood based panel products for exterior, interior and wet applications, and marks one of the first true innovations in the wood composites industry in more than 30 years,” said Peter. “The potential of MEDITE TRICOYA for designers, architects and the construction industry is vast, and its potential to drive innovation in product manufacture and end-use is particularly exciting.”

MEDITE TRICOYA has superior dimensional stability and durability, even in changing weather conditions, meaning it can be used in situations and applications where wood and wood-based products would not usually be considered. It is perfect for outdoor use or wet environments, has an expected 60 year service life by BRE for exterior use, offers peace of mind with a 50 year guarantee, and has all the design, fixing and machining flexibility of MDF.