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Reducing Risk with Flame Retardant SMARTPLY

  • 24.03.2020

SMARTPLY has launched SMARTPLY FR/FR Build OSB3 in response to the Structural Timber Association’s (STA) strategy for addressing Building Regulations Part B, CDM regulations and the HSE’s stipulations. It is a flame retardant structural wood panel for use in construction of timber frame walls and floors.

SMARTPLY FR/FR Build OSB3 panels meet a need identified by the STA in its latest Design Guide to Separating Distances During Construction - Product Paper 4 (October 2013). Here the STA recommends a set of timber wall and floor assemblies for timber framed buildings with a total floor area over 600m2. When combined, these will achieve the performance needed for specific timber frame categories, from A to C2.

The panels contain an advanced water based, eco-friendly fire retardant, Zero Ignition®. Added by SMARTPLY at the OSB manufacturing stage it ensures fire performance throughout the panel. This means that even when the panels are cut, they retain their full flame retardant properties.

Easy to cut and handle, the panels have been rigorously tested by the STA. George Watson, product manager for SMARTPLY explains: “The STA’s latest guidance provides recommendations on alternative products for the sheathing board of pre-insulated panels. One option is to use a system that incorporates SMARTPLY FR OSB3 as its sheathing board at a minimum thickness of 11mm. Similarly the guidance also allows SMARTPLY FR Build OSB3 to be used as a floor deck at a minimum thickness of 15mm. Within the STA guidelines it is possible to achieve performance categorisation which is unique to a combined system build. Given the advanced performance level of SMARTPLY FR/FR Build the SMARTPLY Combination of F3 floor and W6 wall constructions when tested as a complete system achieved a B3 classification.”

Adding to the range of SMARTPLY OSB products, SMARTPLY FR/FR Build OSB is manufactured according to EN 300. As a structural panel it complies with the Construction Products Regulation and carries the CE mark applied at the source of manufacture to prove this. The panels are also suitable for EuroCode 5 building designs.

George Watson continues: “Where timber is the chosen construction method, SMARTPLY OSB provides the solutions. It helps housebuilders, developers and framing contractors to meet current standards and underpins regulatory compliance. It also delivers reassurance, with all products in the range manufactured from locally grown and legally harvested FSC certified sustainable timber, providing an alternative to plywood panels.”