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Three-dimensional thinking with MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME

“I loved the potential possibilities and was amazed by the lifespan of the product, which was probably the biggest driver to using MTX.” Paul Cowell, Managing Director and Landscape Architect, P.C. Landscapes.

The award winning MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the Future garden proved to be a huge talking point for professional gardeners and the public alike at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022. The imaginative use of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX) was so inspiring that P.C. Landscapes decided to incorporate the product into one of their own garden designs.

A garden built for entertaining

P.C. Landscapes were approached by a client in Hampshire who were looking to revamp the side garden of their new home to entertain family and friends. As part of the renovation, PCLandscapes utilised MTX to provide a cleaner contemporary feel to the garden.

“Essentially, this is the first time we’ve used MTX in a project after seeing Sarah Eberle’s garden at Chelsea, I was fortunate enough to be one of the RHS judges so I could get really close!” said Paul Cowell, Managing Director and Landscape Architect, P.C. Landscapes. “But I loved the potential possibilities and was amazed by the lifespan of the product, which was probably the biggest driver to using MTX.

“Our first idea was to clad the wall with MTX to create a smooth backdrop that will stand the test of time so that images can be placed against the wall. As MTX is lightweight, we could put these images up along side vertical timber batons that reflected the canopies that were going to be installed to break up the wall. However, as the design progressed and the clients became more engaged, we said why don’t we extrude the batons so we ended up having a series of vertical ‘Fins’ coming out that we could create a shape out of. The design then turned into a something more three-dimensional.”

Once the sketches were complete, Paul worked with the CNC Wood Company in Bordon, Hampshire who took the designs and created these ‘Fin’ sections from the MTX. We had 10mm rebates cut vertically into multiple MTX sheets with a 30mm gap between each rebate, which provided a contemporary look to clad the remaining walls. Paul also worked with Southampton-based company Bespoke 4 Joinery who then sealed and painted the MTX.

“Bespoke then applied clear lacquer onto all the MTX, and then I suggested they painted the bottom of the rebates black to provide greater definition in the sheets. We could then fix the panels on using these rebates and paint the screws black, so they won’t be seen. All the stainless-steel fixings were painted black too so it all looks seamless.”

The 18mm thick MTX ‘Fins’ on the wall by the swimming pool, created the impression of a 3D ellipse reducing in size along the wall which made the feature far more dynamic. The spaces between the ‘Fins’ were painted green, to highlight each ellipse and white on the outer edge so that when viewed from the front a pattern could be seen.

“It all came together in a very pragmatic way. I think MTX is especially great for creating these kinds of features.”

MTX – a revolutionary product

Guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground, MTX provides great design flexibility and endless opportunities for creativity. MTX features outstanding durability and dimensional stability, and its adaptability allows it to be used in applications once limited to products such as concrete, plastics or metals. Another huge benefit of MTX is that its resistant to rot and fungal decay, which makes it an ideal product for outdoor applications.

“The fact that it lasts 25 years in ground and 50 years above ground, is a real benefit as is its ability to be easily machined,” Paul concluded. “We will definitely use the MTX again.”

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