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MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is the New Face of Hackney store

  • 16.04.2020
MEDITE SMARTPLY logo on cyan background

A decorative and detailed shop front design has been created using 15 panels of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME to reinvigorate a dated retail unit in Hackney, East London.

Ideal for use as a façade, cladding or exterior applications MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME panels are manufactured to withstand humidity and varying weather conditions. Due to the proprietary acetylation treatment process used to treat the wood, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME has a naturally altered unique chemical structure. This process greatly reduces the ability of the panels to absorb water - creating a stable and extremely durable product.

K & D Joinery Ltd, who were appointed to match the stores existing façade, specified MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME for the stores external front and lower panels as well as the curved decorative beads. The excellent machinability of the material, along with the ability to create a high quality coated finish made the panels, which were supplied by James Latham in Thurrock, the ideal material for the refurbishment project.

“We were confident with using MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME for the store front as there was no danger of any warping, twisting or surface splitting due to the unique treatment process which the panels undergo at the stage of manufacture. If we had, for example, used laminated hardwood timber panels for the large raised and fielded area there would have been a good chance of the panels splitting and degrading after a relatively short time,” explains Andrew Pratt of K & D Joinery Ltd.

“The lightweight quality of the panels was also an important factor when we chose the right material to specify for this job. As the panels could be routed and designed offsite, it meant an easily transferable product could be delivered to the site and quickly erected. MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME was a pleasure to work with.”

“For external applications, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is a perfect, high performance, very durable solution for this kind of detailed project. Due to its enhanced natural resistance to water absorption, it can be used for a wide range of applications which normal MDF would not withstand,” adds Peter Clifton, Product Manager for MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME.

“It really is the ideal product for retail units such as this, as it means there is less need for costly maintenance works after just a few years and that the shop front stays attractive and functional for a long period of time. ”