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Building a gable roof with MEDITE SMARTPLY

  • 09.11.2020-
  • Gary Carpenter

There are many factors to consider when it comes to designing or building a home, especially when it comes to roofing. From the materials, to the design, to the actual shape of the roof; careful consideration is needed to ensure the best solutions for your project. The gable roof is a common type for many buildings, particularly residential.

There are a few reasons as to why gable roofs are so common. Firstly, especially in wetter climates, a gable roof allows rainfall to be guided back to ground level and provides little opportunity for it to pool and eventually cause damage. This simple design also requires minimal building materials and is fairly quick to construct. Finally, its design means there is more space for an attic, which can be converted into additional accommodation or living space if needed.

However, very strong winds can make them vulnerable. Extreme winds may cause an uplift effect underneath the roof, making them prone to damage.

As always, the best products used by a skilled contractor will ensure a professional, portfolio-worthy roof.

Roofing solutions from MEDITE SMARTPLY

So, what materials should you consider when it comes to roofing? There are a number of SMARTPLY OSB solutions to provide you with the best possible outcome.

MEDITE SMARTPLY has ensured the core qualities of strength, versatility and sustainable manufacturing are always at the heart of what we do.

The additional benefits of flame retardance, extra strength and moisture resistance also make SMARTPLY OSB panels ideal for roofing projects.

SMARTPLY MAX OSB/3 is a highly engineered, moisture resistant wood-based panel, which is not only suitable flooring and wall sheathing, but an excellent roofing solution as well.

For increased flame retardance, SMARTPLY MAX FR B is the ideal product. It is ideal for use as an integral component in roofing systems where a Euroclass B reaction to fire performance is specified and can positively contribute to the overall fire performance of the system.

SMARTPLY ULTIMA OSB/4 is another option to consider for larger offsite construction. Manufactured using ContiRoll® technology, it’s suitable for the most demanding structural applications, in large formats. This, coupled with its high moisture resistance and loadbearing capacity, makes it ideal for use in modern methods of construction such as timber frame and offsite construction.

Ready to get to work on your roof? Find out more about MEDITE SMARTPLY range of roof ready products here: