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Ensure security while maintaining aesthetics with SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT

  • 26.08.2020-
  • Tim Price
site hoarding

Site hoarding is one of the most essential aspects of a construction project for both security and as it is the first visual representation of any construction site.

Firstly, site hoarding needs to be strong and durable. Whether your site is a luxury, high-end development with countless stakeholders having poured in investments or a socially responsible development project, it needs to be secured against authorised access by outsiders. Besides being exposed to potential vandalism, a building site could also be potentially dangerous for laymen to walk through, which makes good quality site hoarding indispensable.

As a highly engineered OSB3 board, SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is consistent throughout and structurally sound, meaning it won’t bend or break, or contain any weak points. With security especially in mind, this robust perimeter system can be manufactured up to three metres high, and features an entirely smooth and flat surface, with no potential footholds for intruders to make use of.

Supplied to site either pre-primed on one face or you could upgrade your hoarding even further to SITEPROTECT PLUS, for those premium applications in high profile locations. Installation is quick and hassle free, so hoarding contractors can deliver a secure perimeter in record time, with a smart, uniform finish perfect for branding or community information to be clearly displayed.

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT has been manufactured with security, durability and representing contractors and project developers to the best possible standard in mind.

For more details on SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT click here.

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