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Timeless or timely? Keeping on top of the trends with interior fit outs

  • 23.03.2021-
  • Rebecca Goldsmith
OSB in office fit out

What is ‘old fashioned’ these days, and what has ‘vintage charm’? When it comes to interior fit outs, which are usually built to last longer than most trends, this is a serious business.

Some design features from the past have an appeal that makes them feel historic, precious, or unique, while others have not quite stood the test of time. A trend so ubiquitous to one era that it instantly dates a space can be a flag to guests, clients, or future homeowners that it hasn’t been refurbished in decades. But this might not even matter if it happens to be in fashion.

However, an interior fit out typically is built to last longer than most trends. The answer to this paradox could lie in the specification of fit out materials that are lightweight yet offer a quality finish; are easily machined, and able to be used to create bespoke structures, furnishings and features; that are sturdy and high quality but also easily deconstructed if needed.

The answer’s lie in MEDITE SMARTPLY’s fit out range.

This range of no added formaldehyde or CARB2 compliant OSB and MDF panels have been developed with the end user in mind, to make it easier to design and fabricate structures that bring creativity and vitality to a space. Sustainably produced, panels are easily cut by CNC router, finished and installed, and at the end of their use, whenever that may be, can be dismantled and reused.

Retail and office spaces are especially able to benefit from this, as demonstrated by SLG Brands recent renovation of their Cheltenham head office, which features SMARTPLY OSB/3 as both temporary and permanent seating, display cases and floor installations. In the retail world, fit outs are likely to change with the seasons, but will also be subject to heavy wear and tear, so must be durable. SMARTPLY fit out panels offered the solution.

From a residential perspective, a luxury London apartment was recently fitted out using MEDITE MDF products machined into tiles or panelling which were installed over the walls and surfaces to bring a whole new look to the space. If the client ever decided to change the look of their property, many installations could be dismantled and the space reworked.