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Durable weather resistant MDF creates stunning roof terrace and BBQ area

A once neglected roof terrace on the top of a luxury private residence in South Kensington has been transformed by Paul Newman Landscapes, using MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME (MTX) in two exciting applications.

The ground-breaking, weather resistant, outdoor MDF panel was used both as an underlay for artificial grass in the garden area and to construct a BBQ unit- both of which have been, and will continue, to be exposed to the elements in all seasons.

Landscape Designer Paul Newman, however, is totally confident in his decision: “The reputation of MTX precedes it.” he said, “I had only heard good things about MTX before using it for the first time on this project. After achieving such great results here, I have used it widely on many projects with confidence ever since.”

Paul Newman Landscapes, based in Hertfordshire, was commissioned to design, build and install all elements of the £85,000 project for the private penthouse residence. It encompassed a leisure garden with privacy screening, a children’s play area and a lounge and dining space, including the BBQ installation.

The BBQ unit is unrecognisable as MDF, appearing strong, tidy and finished to a high standard in an RAL navy blue tone.

Paul explained: “The BBQ itself is safely self-contained. The entire unit features a granite worktop, while the front and sides are all MTX. There are also stainless-steel inserts running through the structure for support.”

“It was quite a task,” he revealed, “as it was a central London site, on the rooftop of a prestigious building. There are permits to navigate and certain criteria to meet.

“In specifying MTX, though, there was no fuss from the council and all plans were agreed to quickly. The panels, supplied by James Latham, were hoisted into place with the use of a mobile crane, and all materials were on site in one day, so we could get to work quickly.”

A BBQ is one thing, but laying an artificial lawn over MDF is quite another. Paul explained how this idea came into effect.

MTX is extremely dense and smooth, friendlier to the environment than plastic on account of it producing less waste and the fact that it is manufactured with FSC certified timber,” he said. “Furthermore, its 50-year guarantee above ground, and even below artificial grass, makes it extremely reliable. These were all the specifications we needed.”

“You can shape it, cut it, paint it, drill it—and it will still perform the same. So, we simply drilled drainage holes into 18mm thick panels which were then screwed directly onto joists and the artificial grass bonded to this.

“It’s also extremely helpful that MTX is readily available in a range of thicknesses & sizes, which we make good use of. It can be finished in any colour, giving us choice and versatility.”

“All in all, this is a panel you can trust in terms of longevity and performance,” Paul surmises.

The end result of this project is an opulent roof terrace that encourages relaxation in an ambiance of private calm. A soft colour palette of blues and greys, offset with ambient lighting produce a luxurious, serene space, while the amenity of cooking facilities mean endless summers can be spent up here, away from the bustle below.

Paul Newman Landscapes has been in business for over 20 years, since 1993, Designing & creating beautiful gardens, terraces and bespoke landscaping. Paul is a member of APL (Association of Professional Landscapers) and PGCA (Professional Garden Consultants Association). Keep up with them on Instagram @paulnewmanlandscapes or visit

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