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MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME the perfect material for JB Kind’s External Extreme Doors


A front door is often the first feature of a home we notice. Painted every colour, reflecting every personality and lifestyle, your front door is the front cover of the book of your home. So, when a front door starts to perish after a few short years, it can be a real tragedy.

That’s why JB Kind, leading supplier of wooden doors to the UK housing market for over 30 years, uses MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME® (MTX) outdoor MDF to ensure its External Extreme doors are guaranteed for a decade. Each supremely crafted External Extreme door is constructed with a mix of the most durable timber, to ensure quality and dependability; everything a perfect front door should be.

JB Kind Commercial Director Martin Hile explained: “When making External Extreme doors, we start with a durable solid timber internal framing. An insulating central core is placed within the centre and then faced with a sheet of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME on each side of the door. They’re finished with solid hardwood lippings.”

Why was MTX chosen?

Martin explained: “We use MTX in the creation of our doors to provide a weather proof surface, ensuring we have a moisture resistant product that is guaranteed to perform for at least 10 years.”

MTX itself is guaranteed for up to 50 years outdoors above ground, providing the utmost protection to the softer components necessary in each door. As an acetylated composite wood that’s treated throughout, it’s resistant to water and fungal decay even after cutting to size.

“It’s extremely easily to machine MTX by CNC router and produces a consistent finish,” Martin continued, “therefore it’s possible to get a very uniform result across many doors. The grooved and panelled effects of individual door designs are achieved in this way, cutting the pattern into the MTX face, prior to assembly. The doors are then factory finished in white exterior paint as standard, with the option to be painted any RAL Classic colour. The smooth surface of MTX provides an excellent surface for painting.”

The Sustainability Question

With a common ethos to provide innovative, quality wood products that are sustainably produced, JB Kind and MEDITE SMARTPLY consider sustainability vital in the timber industry.

“We want to achieve peace of mind for our customers that they are investing in a quality product with a robust specification, that is also affordable and has a meaningful guarantee,” said Martin. “Sustainability is extremely important to JB Kind, which is why we have our own FSC® chain of custody certification for the External Extreme range.”

This is mirrored by MEDITE SMARTPLY who produce all of their timber panel products from pine and spruce thinnings from their own sustainably managed FSC® certified forests in Ireland.

Images: Courtesy of JB Kind Doors