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Saving time and money with SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT

"The beauty of SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is that the hoarding board is already primed and the finish is so good there is minimal prepping is needed before we apply the paint finish so all we have to do is apply the topcoat; this saves us time and it means the client can start on site sooner.” Adrian Fletcher, managing director of Titan Security Fencing.

Using pre-primed SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT panels to construct a hoarding around a new housing development site in Manchester helped save the project both time and money.

A quality hoarding installation

Titan Security Fencing was asked by Lancashire and Cumbria Demolition Contractors to install a hoarding around a site in the heart of Manchester where it was about to demolish an old storage warehouse in preparation for a new housing development. The hoarding was needed to protect the public from the works on site and to prevent unauthorised site access.

Titan Security Fencing has been using SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT for many years. Adrian says: "The beauty of SITEPROTECT is that because it is already primed, all the work has already been done on the board so it can go straight to site and because the finish is so good there is generally minimal preparation needed before we apply the paint finish; this saves us time and money and it means the client can start on site sooner because we're able to complete the hoarding installation in less time."

For this project, Titan Security Fencing used SITEPROTECT PLUS because it has a primed finish on both sides. Adrian explains: "Because SITEPROTECT PLUS is a premium product, and because we design and build the hoardings in accordance with best practice, it ensures they can remain in place for the duration of the project, so when the demolition contractor hands over the site to the main contractor the hoarding will remain in place for use by the housebuilder".

Titan Security Fencing has even branded the hoarding in the housebuilder's colours. "They gave us the RAL colours, which in this instance was matt black with a tangerine orange trim top and bottom, which we added after the hoarding had been erected," he says.

The 18mm thick SITEPROTECT PLUS hoarding boards are installed with a 3mm spacing between boards in accordance with SMARTPLY’s installation recommendations. This allows the timber to expand as it absorbs moisture from the environment. Titan Security Fencing hides this joint with a narrow vertical trim.

The hoarding's supporting structure is designed by a structural engineer in accordance with the guidance detailed in the Temporary Works forum (TWf) “Hoardings – A guide to good practice”.

Adrian explains: 'Because the framework is classed as structural, we have to use graded timber for the posts and the rails. Our structural engineer will tell us what grade we have to use to meet the wind loadings and the ground conditions for a specific site. This will dictate the depth we install the posts and the distance between posts. To ensure the hoarding is properly supported, we install four rails, one at the top, one at the bottom and two in the middle.

The hoarding for this housing development was installed in February 2023 and is expected to remain in place for two years.

Saving Time with SITEPROTECT

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is a sustainable OSB panel pre-primed on one side, making it ideal for quick installation of site hoarding and branded site graphics.

This high-performance panel has been developed specifically for use in applications from temporary construction site hoarding through to a range of security installations. If maintained properly and the guidelines are followed, the panels can last a long time and can be reused. Examples include boarding up windows and doors to ensure protection of the property while work is still being carried out, or if housebuilders have multiple phases of a project, the panels can be dismantled and reused – providing it is maintained properly.

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is manufactured using certified timber. The SMARTPLY OSB/3 substrate is coated with a smooth, heavy-duty, cross-linked polymer primer. SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT PLUS is the same sustainable panel coated with primer on both sides, making it ideal for premium applications. It is recommended installers check with the paint supplier for specific preparation and application requirements depending on the finish selected.


About Titan Security Fencing

Titan Security Fencing Limited is a family run and owned business based in the centre of Manchester. It has been installing quality security fencing for over 60 years for both local and national clients.

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Saving time and money with SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT