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Award-winning inspiration from Sarah Eberle

  • 04.04.2022-
  • Holly Waters-Marsh

Recognised as one of the country’s most important and influential female garden designers in British history, multi-award-winning Sarah Eberle has claimed another impressive title after being awarded the RHS accolade of Iconic Horticultural Hero for this year’s Hampton Court Flower Festival.

A devoted advocate of environmental sustainability, the Hampshire-based landscape architect is RHS Chelsea’s most decorated designer with 19 Gold Medals under her name, and we are delighted to be working with her for this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

For this year’s event, the garden aptly named MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the Future, aims to be a celebration of the brand’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and wellness – themes which Sarah is passionate about.

Sarah often looks at architecture and landscapes for inspiration and the centrepiece of the garden this year depicts natural vertical rock strata, such as those seen in the sweeping cliffs of Devon and Cornwall, which show a cross section of millions of years of plate movements and development. For this magnificent feature, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX) will be used.

Guaranteed up to 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground, MTX is especially beneficial in environments where humidity and varying weather are usually concerns – ideal for the outdoors. Through this slanted cliff face, we aim to demonstrate MTX throughout its life cycle, show the versatility of wood panels and how they can embody the most creative of imaginations.

“I’m most excited about using MTX for this project,” said Sarah. “It’s going to be visually rich, but it’s going to have that drama to it that nobody’s going to expect from a product that seems quite two dimensional. It’s a sheet material, but it’s going to look so three dimensional.”

This is not the first time we have worked with Sarah for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. In 2019, we partnered with Wallgarden, bespoke maker of children’s playhouses, and Sarah to create a miniature Hampshire-style cottage and miniature London Shop for the garden. Located on Main Avenue, the feature of the garden used MTX, which formed the complete shop front, including the signage and door, creating a traditional Victorian aesthetic. Read all about the project here.

To find out more about our partnership with Sarah Eberle and to keep up with all the action at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, visit our dedicated webpage: