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Shaking up standards with MEDITE OPTIMA


“The finish was absolutely perfect. That’s the reason I’m going to keep using OPTIMA. The end result was incredible.” John Penny, Director, John Penny Bespoke Joinery.

Switching to MEDITE OPTIMA proved to be a big hit with John Penny Bespoke Joinery who designed and created a series of bespoke shaker kitchen doors for a private client in Scotland.

Optimal performance

MEDITE SMARTPLY’s newest MDF product MEDITE OPTIMA was used by John Penny Joinery to create durable, elegant shaker doors as part of a kitchen renovation at a property in Edinburgh. MEDITE OPTIMA is a higher density moisture resistant MDF panel specially designed for humid interior conditions such as kitchens and bathrooms.

John Penny, Director of the company commented: “I moved away from my usual products to try MEDITE OPTIMA. One of the reasons was because I needed a panel with extra stability. OPTIMA is a much heavier, denser board, which suited my purposes for this project.”

So far, John has created around 100 doors out of MEDITE OPTIMA – approximately 60 were used in this project alone.

“It’s a big project! The entire property had been completely gutted and the kitchen underwent a complete renovation. One of the main benefits of MEDITE OPTIMA was that it’s easier to machine. The product I was using before was quite waxy, so it was getting stuck when I ran it through the machine. OPTIMA runs very smoothly through the machines and that made a huge difference.”

Despite a temporary delay on the project, John was able to create all the shaker doors and get them primed and ready to go for the fitting.

“The industry is moving away from using polyurethane paint and A/C lacquer and more towards water-based paints, mainly due to health and safety reasons, which is why I thought I would get ahead of the game and use water-based paint on this project. So, it was about finding a board that not only had a higher density but could also handle water-based paints.

“The finish was absolutely perfect. That’s the reason I’m going to keep using OPTIMA. The end result was incredible.”

A spotlight on MEDITE OPTIMA

What makes MEDITE OPTIMA different? The latest addition to the MEDITE MDF range is a specially engineered moisture resistant panel with an extra smooth surface finish. It’s ideal for applications where users need added density, enhanced machinability and higher surface quality compared to other standard moisture resistant panels.

MEDITE OPTIMA is used as a substitute for softwoods and hardwoods and as a panel product in non-stressed applications. Designed with increased machinability and smoother surface quality, it’s ideal for applications where a high quality moisture resistant board is required, such as kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, architectural mouldings, window boards, flooring and general interior joinery.

This robust MDF panel is designed for use in humid conditions in accordance with MDF.H (Option 1) as defined in EN 622-5.

Just like the rest of the MEDITE MDF range, OPTIMA is FSC certified and CARB2 compliant.

About John Penny Bespoke Joinery

Founded in Edinburgh in 2020, John Penny Bespoke Joinery creates unique, hand made furniture ranging from fitted cabinets to kitchens, to wardrobes and media units. For more information, visit:

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