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  • 25.06.2018-
  • Jason McMullan

When constructing a drywall partition so that it can bear the weight of a handrail, sink, or cabinet a dryliner has to decide between using plywood or Oriented Strand Board (OSB). We’ve matched them up to find the winner once and for all.

Let’s kick off, shall we?

Like a good centre back, a solid patress requires strength—unwavering strength. If the patressing can’t support the sink or cabinet being fastened to it then it’s not fit for purpose. So, from a product point of view this requires a panel with good pull out strength, but also solid consistency. SMARTPLY DRYBACKER is manufactured to have a consistent density throughout and is tested to ensure it meets strength requirements set out in BS5234 Part 2. Demonstrating a high pull out strength and a high level of impact resistance, it is suitable for public areas such as corridors and stairwells, as well as hanging heavy fixings.

1-0 OSB.

The best midfielders are all about consistency. Consistency is also key for a patress. Your patress is only as strong as its weakest point, so a panel that’s not the same quality the whole way through will cause you issues. Plywood often has knots or naturally occurring weak areas. Imagine fastening a heavy TV unit to the wall only for one side to hit a knot and become loose post-installation. No one deserves to watch the big game with their heads tilted. SMARTPLY DRYBACKER offers a consistent panel quality every time, with no holes, knots, or voids meaning you can get the job done on time, every time.

2-0 OSB.

Strikers. Speed, movement and the ability to leave defenders eating their dust. Dust, however, isn’t something you want on a building site. Not only does SMARTPLY DRYBACKER leave minimal dust – as there’s no need to cut it – but it also slots straight into partitions due to its continual recess down one side, especially designed to accommodate the ‘C’ shaped studs that hold the panels in place; simply fasten it in place with three screws and you’re on to the next one. It’ll get you home before the final whistle.

3-0 OSB.

Game over. Check out SMARTPLY DRYBACKER in action in our latest video, here: