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Site Safety

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 demonstrates the duty of care that all construction companies and site managers are responsible for, which is to take all reasonable steps to ensure that both employees and the public are safe from construction work hazards.

Site hoarding is a crucial part of this, shielding site workers from outside debris and protecting the public from construction work.

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT and SITEPROTECT PLUS are specially developed for a wide range of applications to secure your site. These include site hoarding, signage, boarding up access points and temporary walkways. SITEPROTECT is quick to install, enabling your project to start on time and progress efficiently; durable enough to provide a secure barrier for the total length of projects; is able to incorporate appropriate signage and finally be aligned with the sustainability goals of the site.

SMARTPLY SURE STEP is a tongue and groove OSB/3 panel with a high-performance and durable coating for improved performance during the construction phase of projects. The unique and innovative coating, applied in house at SMARTPLY, is designed to sustain the effects of the weather and construction foot traffic while reducing the slip risk even in wet conditions.

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