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Make a responsible choice with SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT, the sustainable hoarding solution

  • 04.08.2020-
  • Tim Price
SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT on grass field  at bath racecourse

Sustainability is an indelible consideration in the 21st century and highly relevant to the construction industry. In today’s increasingly environmentally aware society, the sustainability credentials of any construction project start with the site hoarding and its ability to represent the both the project and those working on it.

To tick all the sustainability boxes for your construction project, it’s important to be aware of the origins of the materials used for your site-hoarding. In fact, even mistaken use of products that do not hold trustworthy certifications could place a contractor in breach of the legal requirements of the government’s Timber Procurement Policy. Illegal plywood harvested from rainforests contributes to deforestation and destroys local communities, which are our responsibility to preserve for future generations.

Making the right choice for site hoarding is simple when it comes to SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT. This structurally sound OSB3 board is specifically formulated for hoarding and is a fully FSC® certified suitable alternative to plywood. This means you can rest assured that your site hoarding represents your company to the best possible standards, with no worries about supply chain credibility. All timber used in the manufacture of SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is sourced from sustainably managed Irish forests, where all products are manufactured essentially as by-products of sustainable forestry.

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is unique in that it comes pre-primed, saving you hours in time and energy on installation. Furthermore, as the construction industry looks to regain productivity after the recent coronavirus lockdown, a pre-primed board able to be finished off-site is ideal for when fewer workers can be onsite. SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT can be produced up to three metres high but is available in thicknesses of 18mm and 16mm, for a lighter option that makes installation easier, even when aiming for maximum security.

For more details on SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT click here.

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