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New pattressing panel aims to boost on-site safety

  • 04.12.2019-
  • Gary Carpenter

In 2018 there were an estimated 42,000 cases of work-related physical disorder reported by construction industry professionals. This is around 2.1% of workers in the sector, which may sound small to some, but, it’s actually significantly higher than the rate for workers across all other industries.[1]

From irritation relating to dust inhalation to Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome from working with vibrating tools over a long period of time, needless to say that construction site workers can be exposed to all sorts of hazards. This is exactly the reason why MEDITE SMARTPLY continuously works to create products so that construction contractors can work safer and smarter.

A major cause for accidents and long-term health-problems in the construction industry originates from the use of power tools on-site. Naturally, such devices are a necessity for many construction projects. However, at times where they can be avoided, it’s often for the benefit of the entire site.

SMARTPLY PATTRESS PLUS was developed to help safeguard contractors, as well as save time over the course of a project. The pre-cut, heavy-weight bearing, structurally sound OSB panel was produced especially for pattressing. Additionally, it has been manufactured to accommodate ‘C’ shaped stud frames with no rebating necessary—it’s already done!

This means you can simply pick it up, slot it in, fix it in place and you’re ready to go! There’s no need for circular saws, routers or other power tools. In other words, this allows contractors to effectively manage their use of power tools on site, and reduce dust, noise and potential accidents.

Who wouldn’t want to work in a safe and efficient way? Thanks to our time-saving pre-sized modular format and factory cut groove, SMARTPLY PATTRESS PLUS will help you get on with any project in no time.

All SMARTPLY OSB panels contain zero-added formaldehyde. Our panels offer a safer, sustainable alternative to using tropical plywood, or other OSB that uses formaldehyde-based resins.

Make your health and safety a priority, and order your free sample of SMARTPLY PATTRESS PLUS now.