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MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME provides solution for Coniston Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue

The Lake District is perhaps best known for its rolling hills and picturesque lakes, but it also has one of the toughest terrains and most variable climates in Northern England.

In order to protect budding hikers, climbers and visitors to the area, Coniston Mountain Rescue has been patrolling the territory for over 70 years. Pivotal to their job is the ability to store lifesaving equipment, such as stretchers, warm clothes and ropes, in the mountainous region, which is why they have constructed their iconic blue boxes throughout the region.

The mountain rescue boxes must withstand battering rain, howling winds and pounding hailstorms in order to protect its contents, should they be called upon. That’s why, when recently seeking materials to replace an old box in Dow Crag that had begun to fall into disrepair, the team reached out to the experts at MEDITE SMARTPLY. The team were quick to recommend MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, a ground-breaking MDF product that is guaranteed for over 50 years of external use; even in these tough environments.

The material had been used previously by local joiner and member of the rescue team, Rob Jones. During the 2015 Lake District floods, Rob had used the material to refurbish 12 boat house doors and supported the MEDITE SMARTPLY team’s view that it was suitably robust, durable and up to the task.

“I found MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME very easy to work with, and as it is highly weather resistant, thought it would be ideal to help make our next rescue box,” said Rob. “The previous rescue box hasn’t lasted well due to the material not fronting up to the conditions very well, so it was imperative we found something that could.”

Sourced from FSC-certified forests, the panels are manufactured with zero-added formaldehyde resin, boasting environmental credentials worthy of its Lake District setting.

Peter Clifton, Product Manager for MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, commented: “MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME’s standout qualities are its durability, dimensional stability and ability to be used in environments not usually considered possible for wood-based panel products, which is the case here.

“It’s also easily machinable and can be cut to suit any situation, but that modification won’t affect its ability to withstand the elements thanks to the weather-resistant technology being manufactured into the board. It was a pleasure to help support the work of the Coniston Mountain Rescue team. Rob’s finished box is a fitting tribute to the great work of the mountain rescue organisation and will serve its purpose for many years to come.”

Blue osb box
Mountain Rescue