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Heavenly garden temples crafted from MEDITE EXTERIOR

"I use MEDITE MDF because I want to build them from something with a consistent quality and thickness that will stand the test of time," Reuben Eaves, Reuben's Landscape Designs Ltd.

A quality temple build

For those that love them; Reuben set up Reuben's Temple Designs two years ago after his mother passed away. "Her parting wish was for me to develop the pergola business in her memory." Says Reuben Eaves, proprietor of Reuben's Landscape Designs Ltd.

Currently he has 10 different registered pergola designs. "They come as a slot-together kit in a variety of different models and sizes for assembly by the customer,"

Reuben's Temples are built entirely from MDF, including the supporting columns, which are built from sections of MDF board glued together and machined to shape.

"I use MEDITE MDF because I want to build them from something with a consistent quality and thickness that will stand the test of time,” he continues. “I've always had my own distinctive style when it comes to creating garden pergolas, they are based on Greek or Roman style columns supporting a variety of different tops - some covered, some open. The pergolas are a bit like Marmite, people either love them or hate them.”

The pergolas are available as a standard product manufactured from MEDITE EXTERIOR, or as a premium product manufactured from MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX) with a 50-year guarantee above ground.

Reuben's temples are available with a paint finish in any RAL colour a customer desires. All components are spray-primed using Zinsser bulleye 123 plus, and then painted in the finish colour before being dried in an oven for several hours, at a low temperature, to harden the finish before the components are sent to site.

Once on site, the components can be quickly and easily assembled into a high quality temple-style pergola.

Exterior performance MDF

MEDITE EXTERIOR is a high performance, durable MDF panel developed for a wide range of external applications with a performance similar to standard timber and other wood-based panels when it is properly sealed, coated and maintained.

MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is an acetylated MDF panel which has a guarantee of 50 years above ground and 25 years in-ground. Its outstanding durability and dimensional stability allow it to be used in applications once limited to products such as concrete, plastics or metals – offering for greater creative freedom.

All of MEDITE SMARTPLY products are made from sustainable wood sourced from responsibly managed forests and are fully certified, UKCA and CE marked. For more information on these products go to

About Reuben's Temple Designs

Reuben's Temple Designs is based in Suffolk. To find out more visit Reuben's Landscape Designs Ltd or Reuben's Temple Designs on Facebook; or go to @reubenstemples and @reubenslandscapedesigns on Instagram; or call Reuben directly on +44 (0)7957657967.