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Into the wild: Eco-friendly wilderness cabins upgraded with MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME

“MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME won hands down for sustainability, its ability to be easily CNC machined, and its power to stand up to all the conditions it will be subjected to.” – Jason Thawley, Innovation and Design Director, Tree Tents.

MEDITE SMARTPLY’s ground-breaking panel MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is the star product of Tree Tents’ range of environmentally friendly wilderness cabins designed to get people closer to nature – quite literally.

A revolutionary form of glamping

Tree Tents are eco designers and builders of luxury wilderness cabins sustainably engineered for wild, natural spaces. The company has used MTX for a couple of projects, designing and creating custom-made windows, doors and cladding panels from this innovative panel.

The structures are designed to be flat packed and easy to assemble, whether in the workshop or on site. The versatility of MTX allows the designers to create beautiful, bespoke structure for their clients, and they can use the material for exterior panelling in less time and fuss. Around 4-8 panels are used for each unit with minimal waste.

Additionally, the moisture resistant properties of MTX have proven to be a winner when it comes to the inside panelling.

Tree tents recently completed one of their Fuselage Cabins - a portable accommodation solution mounted on stilts or suspended from trees – and redesigned the end panels with MTX. The Fuselage Cabin is designed to withstand challenging terrain allowing site owners to maximise areas of woodland, sloping sites, or the water’s edge. They were extremely pleased with the result.

“We manufacture a range of wilderness cabins for extreme locations and while researching suitable materials for cladding our end wall panels of our structures, we came across this incredible product from MEDITE SMARTPLY,” said Jason Thawley, Innovation and Design Director of Tree Tents. “MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME won hands down for sustainability, its ability to be easily CNC machined, and its ability to stand up to all the conditions it will be subjected to.”

MTX – the ground-breaking construction panel

Featuring outstanding durability and dimensional stability, MTX can be used in applications once limited to products such as concrete, plastics or metals.

This lightweight panel has a guarantee of up to 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground, providing architects, specifiers and designers with great design flexibility and endless opportunities for creativity.

As an acetylated MDF, MTX can be used in applications where normal MDF panels cannot, and still retains all the design, fixing, and machining flexibility of regular MDF panels. Its additional benefits of being rot and fungal resistant makes it an attractive product for landscapers, garden designers, and anyone building outdoor structures.

Similarly to other products in the MEDITE MDF range, MTX is FSC certified, and CARB2 compliant, which contributes to the overall sustainability goals of a project.

“It has been a brilliant material to work with for many reasons,” Jason concluded. “Its versatility, which means it’s perfect for our designs, it’s quick to install and looks great! Not to mention that it can stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at our structures.”

A spotlight on Tree Tents

Tree Tents combines innovative precision engineering, traditional craftsmanship and sustainable materials with site owners who are passionate about truly revolutionary camping. Based in Sussex, England, Tree Tents creates award-winning glamping structures that deliver breath-taking experiences and inspire a closer connection to woodlands and wild spaces.

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Instagram: @_tree_tents