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MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME repairs and upgrades swimming pool window surrounds

Lee’s Custom Woodwork Ltd has used MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME to repair the window surrounds and a swimming pool roof lantern of a residential property in South Shields, Tyne and Wear.

This particular section of the project, which was recently completed, used one sheet of MTX that was cut and jointed down to design specifications.

“The client had a lot of rotting window surrounds that had been repaired over and over again, so I came in and replaced the whole thing with MTX,” said Lee Thompson, Director of Lee’s Custom Woodwork Ltd. “The main attraction of MTX was of course the 50-year guarantee above ground, but also because it is a sheet material which I often use. I tend to create mock-ups and templates with standard MDF, and then transfer them to MTX once I am happy with the fit.”

MTX is a ground-breaking construction material suitable for a wide range of applications – particularly where humidity and weather are usually concerns. MTX panels exhibit outstanding durability and dimensional stability, with the added benefits of being lightweight, resistant to rot and fungal decay. This makes it an ideal product to use for the exterior parts of a building such as window surrounds and doors.

The combination of acetylated wood fibre with the manufacturing technology of MEDITE MDF allows MTX to be used in applications where normal MDF panels cannot, while still maintaining all the design, fixing and machining flexibility of MDF panels.

“As it is a sheet material, it meant that I could get the exact depths and sizes I needed and know there would be next to zero movement in the material once set. Being able to glue the layers together and having the ability to router and glue specific joints into the material, really helped to ensure that the material would hold in place once the glue set.

“At the start of November, I replaced the lower window surrounds then gradually moved on to work on the pool roof lantern.”

MTX is made using a zero added formaldehyde high-performance resin. This means the product not only exceeds EU class E1 but is also CARB2 compliant. The panels are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Other sizes are available on request.

Lee concluded: “I’m very happy with the results MTX have produced and will continue to work with it on future projects.”

Work is due to begin on the other windows of the property in March.

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