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Building firm foundations with PATTRESS PLUS

  • 02.03.2021-
  • Gary Carpenter

Good foundations are crucial to any building, from the very first brick to the last appliance installed.

There can be no finished interior if the internal partition walls are not strong enough to hold what must be fitted to them.

As well as providing privacy or structure in a larger space, partition walls must be strong enough to support a variety of wall fixtures, and their contents or extra weight that they in turn must bear, such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, basins and toilets.

This is why in order to create a firm foundation, a reliable pattressing board is essential.

SMARTPLY PATTRESS PLUS is a specially designed, pre-rebated and pre-sized pattressing panel that is designed to fit within ‘C’ shaped metal studs to offer secure anchorage for heavy fixtures such as sinks, cabinets and other installations.

Crucially, PATTRESS PLUS boasts a safe working loads heavyweight anchorage (wall cupboard) of up to 250kg!

To top it off, it does this without increasing the thickness of the partition wall.

It offers consistent structural support and is fully tested to the relevant sections of BS5234-2, demonstrating high pull-out strength. Manufactured in accordance with EN300, CE marked and FSC® Certified, PATTRESS PLUS also meets the severe duty rating for pattressing, so dryliners can install the panels quicker with no sacrifice of loadbearing ability.

In line with FIS safety task guidelines, PATTRESS PLUS panels enable a massive reduction in unnecessary dust and excessive noise as no cutting or additional power tools are required on site – a dryliner can also work independently if needed.

Finally, PATTRESS PLUS is available in a range of sizes to suit a range of partition systems with 400mm and 600mm stud centres.