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SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT: The reusable site security panel

  • 14.07.2023-
  • Rebecca Goldsmith

Waste is a big concern for the construction industry. In 2018, research from Defra[1] revealed that in the UK, the industry produced 137.8 million tonnes of construction, demolition and evacuation (CD&E) waste.[2] Reusing and recycling building materials such as site hoarding is an easy way for construction projects and sites to be more environmentally friendly. Not only will this help towards any sustainability goals but can also lead to cost savings on your project.


SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is a sustainable pre-primed panel, ideal for quick installation of site hoarding and branded site graphics. It has been developed specifically for use in applications from temporary construction site hoarding through to a range of security installations.

The SMARTPLY OSB/3 substrate has been coated with a smooth, heavy-duty, cross-linked polymer primer. It is ideal for painting and promoting your corporate colours, which makes it a great way to advertise your business. Additionally, to meet demands of a double-sided board, there is SITEPROTECT PLUS, which is coated with the primer on both sides. This makes it ideal for premium applications in high profile locations.


One of the biggest benefits of SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is that unlike other similar wood-based boards, it can be reused on site. Its robust nature and improved moisture resistance allows it to be repurposed for different applications. As long as the panels are installed and maintained following the installation guidelines and best practices, it can last a long time making it a viable substitute to exterior graded alternative wood-based products.

Read the installation guidelines for SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT.

So where can the panels be reused? Once the initial job has finished, the panels can be reused to board up windows and doors of the property for protection from squatters and vandals, should the property remain unoccupied for a certain amount of time. This also aligns with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, which states that unauthorised access must be prevented.[3]

Boarding up a property using SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT in this way also keeps those around the site safe whilst construction work takes inside the property. It also maintains privacy, allowing you to work on your project without interruptions.

Additionally, housebuilders that have multiple phases one, two, three etc on a project, can dismantle and reuse the hoarding if the guidelines are followed and proper maintenance is done. So, if site hoarding was erected at phase one, and there needs to be hoardings on phase two, with SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT, you can simply dismantle it and erect again when needed.

Sustainability at the heart

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is manufactured using certified timber and is therefore perfect for maintaining sustainability throughout the entire site. Similarly to the rest of the SMARTPLY range, SITEPROTECT is made from FSC certified timber from sustainable, fast-growing pine and spruce, which includes the tops that are not used to make any other wood-based product. This gives great peace of mind to installers who are looking for more sustainable products to use on site.

Want to know about SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT? Visit to download product documents, request samples, or get in touch with one of our TSMs.

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