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Can MDF help you to achieve a healthier home?

  • 14.07.2020-
  • Rebecca Goldsmith
Entertainment room with sofas and wood floor

Product Marketing Executive Rebecca Goldsmith investigates…

With today’s society being more aware of health and the impact of our surrounding environment than ever, residential interior designers and home-improvers—now that they have more time than ever to work on the house—are looking for ways to create beautiful new spaces at home that are safer and healthier.

Being environmentally aware doesn’t just mean caring about the outside environment; it also means being conscious of the environments we create indoors. As a practically global lockdown has meant that most of us have been spending an inordinate amount of time at some recently and likely will be for the foreseeable future, there has never been a better time to start creating or improving our indoor environments.

Advances in technology has led to the production of a wealth of innovative new products to help sustain the creation of safer, healthy environments for people at home and at work every day, while preserving natural environments outside.

MEDITE SMARTPLY, manufacturer of specialist wood panels for construction, have made the developments of such products an absolute priority, setting a new standard for the manufacture of MDF everywhere.

All MEDITE MDF products exceed CARB2, one of the world’s most stringent tests for omission of formaldehyde gases, giving those looking for specialist products a huge range of options.

Two in particular that offer specific wellbeing benefits though are MEDITE MR and MEDITE CLEAR. These two specialised MDF panels have the versatility to allow interior designers and home improvers with vision to transform a space into a healthy and beautiful one.

MEDITE MR is specially formulated to resist moisture for a superior finish when used for applications such as interior architectural details, furniture and fixtures in kitchen and bathrooms.

A recent renovation of a luxury London apartment yielded fantastic results with the use of MEDITE MR as ceiling and wall cladding, to achieve an opulent art deco look. Lavish creations by Infinitus Bespoke Interiors feature MEDITE MR as ceiling cladding over the luxury oval bathtub, offset with ambient lighting and mirroring the shape of the tub.

MEDITE CLEAR, originally formulated for environmentally sensitive applications such as hospitals, schools and museums, offers a no added formaldehyde, low VOC solution for living spaces too, catering to the concern for indoor air quality at home- especially for areas such as children’s bedrooms or playrooms.

Using a no added formaldehyde product to create children’s furniture, cabinetry, or shelving can be a simple but effective way of consciously limiting the level of formaldehyde for the healthiest possible environment at home.

Furthermore, every product created by MEDITE SMARTPLY is sustainably produced from FSC® certified timber with a totally transparent supply chain, for further peace of mind when it come to the environment outside too.