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How can SITEPROTECT site hoarding promote your brand?

  • 15.04.2021-
  • Tanya Pinto

Site hoarding is an integral part of your construction site. As well as shielding site workers from outside debris and protecting the public from construction work, it also provides you with a great opportunity to share your company values and raise brand awareness.

Customising hoarding panels is an easy and cost-effective way of advertising your brand. It creates a highly visible messaging platform for employees and passers-by.

So which site hoarding should I choose for my construction site?

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT and SITEPROTECT PLUS are highly engineered and primed OSB/3 boards that are quick to install, allowing you to start your project on time and progress efficiently. Boasting a smooth, flat surface, these panels are perfect for signage and branding, allowing you to demonstrate a sleek, professional look whether you want to create a simple advert or show off your creativity on a larger scale.

Engineered timber panels are especially good for site hoarding in terms of brand customisation as you can paint them, fix to them, cut them in any way that best communicates your brand.

The SMARTPLY MAX substrate, for example, has been primed with a smooth, heavy-duty, exterior cross-linked polymer primer, meaning you just need to apply a topcoat to the face and edges in a colour of your choice and you’re done.

For more premium applications, SITEPROTECT PLUS has the additional benefit of been primed on both faces. Meaning you can market to your internal site workers as well as the public.

Additional benefits of SITEPROTECT

As well as the clear advertising and health and safety benefits of these panels, SITEPROTECT and SITEPROTECT PLUS are sustainably manufactured and are structurally sound and consistent throughout, meaning the panels won’t bend or break, or contain any weak points.

If you’re looking for extra security on site, both panels can be manufactured up to three metres high – one metre more than the recommended height of two metres as set out in the Construction Site Security Guide 2021.[1]

Whatever your values, make your choice of professional hoarding SITEPROTECT. Let’s do the right thing!