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Built to last: MEDITE VENT, MTX and MEDITE MR used in stunning garden building range

Three MEDITE MDF products MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, MEDITE VENT and MEDITE MR are being specified for a new line of garden buildings.

Garden building suppliers Timberbox LTD have introduced a new product to their customers—the ‘PassiveBox’—which is the latest item in their garden building range.

“Our 'PassiveBox' Collection is heavily focused on longevity and performance, meaning that MTX, Vent and MR are the perfect choices for us,” said Arthur Moore, Director of Timberbox LTD. “MTX provides us with an unrivalled exterior cladding option alongside its excellent machinability, high quality finish and stability. MEDITE VENT is used as our structural sheathing board in our diffusion open wall system and MEDITE MR provides a fantastic internal decorative finish and is often used for many other elements within our buildings. For example, bar and kitchen carcasses, cupboard doors and boxing in.

“By using a combination of MEDITE’s sheet materials in conjunction with other high specification building products, we are able to provide customers with a superb garden room package.”

Arthur specified the MEDITE products after discovering their many benefits while working at Bakers Timber Buildings in Sussex. He was impressed by the high quality and superb finish of the projects as a result of using MTX and MEDITE MR. The panels were purchased from one of the UK's largest distributors of high-quality timber, panels, and decorative surfaces – James Latham Yate.

MTX panels boast outstanding durability and dimensional stability while still maintaining the versatility and excellent machining qualities of standard MDF panels. It is particularly beneficial in environments where humidity and weather are usually concerns.

MEDITE MR is a moisture resistant MDF panel specially designed for use in interior humid conditions such as kitchens and bathrooms.

“Since the inception of Timberbox two years ago, our end goal was to offer the ultimate performance garden building in terms of longevity and energy efficiency. After much research, and striving for the best quality products, we settled on MEDITE VENT for our Structural Sheathing board to be used in conjunction with the MTX and MEDITE MR that we were already using readily.”

MEDITE VENT is a breathable, external sheathing panel that is suitable for use in all types of timber frame structures. The panels combine high racking strength in excess of Category 1 requirements with excellent vapour permeability and high weather resistance.

“As well as being a high performance, structural sheathing board, its exceptional vapour permeability and high weather resistance makes it the perfect product for our new range of buildings. A long service life is something that we are committed to here at Timberbox and understanding the movement of moisture within the structure is vitally important in ascertaining this.

“Used In conjunction with a MVHR System, the Intello Plus Smart AVCL and a Tyvek Breather membrane, MEDITE VENT is providing an extra line of defence against interstitial condensation within the timber frame, and we are firm believers of the belt and braces approach.”

They have used these products on several projects, and these are now a mainstay in their garden building offerings.

“All of the MEDITE products used are fantastic in terms of their cutting and machining capabilities,” Arthur concluded. “The MEDITE MR and MTX are fantastic decorative products with limitless uses between them that allow for little to no denibbing when painting. The MEDITE VENT is also a pleasure to work with, alongside the added benefit of being lightweight in comparison to more traditional products.”

Timberbox LTD are purveyors of superior quality garden buildings hand built in the Cotswolds and installed nationwide.

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