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MEDITE SMARTPLY is renowned for adapting products and services to suit end users’ needs whilst maintaining a consistent stance on sustainability and creating environmentally-conscious products that add value throughout the supply chain.

SMARTPLY OSB and MEDITE MDF are made from sustainable wood products. Our OSB is made from FSC® certified timber from newly grown pine and spruce. Our MDF consists of 40% wood chip and 60% by-product. Each range boasts some of the most environmentally efficient building materials on the market, with a product-specific Type 3 Environmental Product Declaration to support this. This impartial third-party evaluation is crucial to providing peace of mind for a specifying architect, contractor or engineer.

Our EPDs are carried out by Eco Review using Eco Chain LCA software, and published by the Irish Green Building Council, whose EPD programme allows manufacturers of construction products to provide third-party verified transparent information on the environmental impacts of their products. This enables specifiers to easily and confidently source products with relevant, product specific EPDs and other information such as responsible procurement or declaration of healthy ingredients. Further proof of our sustainability is our EN ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management System, EN ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Management System, EN ISO 50001 Certification for Energy Management System and EN ISO 45001 Certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

CO2 is stored in MEDITE SMARTPLY panels from the growth of trees in our sustainably managed forests to point of manufacturing and stays locked in for the lifespan of the building they are used within. Our panels are fully certified, UKCA and CE marked, legally sourced and sustainable.

We shall continue our investment and research into innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure our products remain ahead of the field in terms of their environmental performance.

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